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He’s her best friend’s brother. She’s a spitfire who pushes all his buttons. Enemies to lovers. Yeah, like that’s ever worked out for anyone…

Determined entrepreneur JuJu Linn longs to create an honorable legacy for her family on her own terms. However, her last remaining relatives—unaware of her little white lies on her career status—want her to come back home. If only she can make it big by teaming up with King’s Department Store before her grandfather and great aunt find out the truth. But there’s another hurdle in her way when her best friend’s brother—who dislikes her immensely and is the hottest guy she’s ever met—arrives in town about to blow her cover…

When dedicated environmental lawyer, Cisco Delgado is offered the chance of a lifetime to work on a high profile case with a legend in Dallas, he snaps it up. Spending time with his younger sister is a bonus. Dealing with her bad influence of a best friend—a beautiful, fiery woman who challenges him in every way—will try his patience.  

Forced to deal with her while he’s in town, Cisco can’t deny the electrifying sparks with funny, sexy JuJu. Why can’t they stick to their usual defensive snark? No, they blur lines and steal amazing kisses. And why does she let down her guard and start falling for him? Soon, he discovers JuJu’s double life and finds himself on the wrong end—in the middle of her viral YouTube video—of her wild dream as it jeopardizes his new job and her fragile position with King’s. 

Will they survive the fallout and give up the delicate line of pretense to risk their hearts?

Her Brave Heart is the latest addition in the bestselling Once Upon A Romance Series, stories of love, laughter, and happily ever after. If you like sweet romances, witty banter, and fairy tale retellings, then you’ll love Laurie LeClair’s heartwarming delightful romantic comedy.  

December 26
Laurie LeClair
Laurie LeClair

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