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He pays her past-due rent the day they meet.

Now he wants more.

He wants to know her… touch her… protect her.

But who will protect her from him?

When I see the yellow eviction notice taped to my front door, I know it’s going to be an interesting day. 

But when I march into the property manager’s office, I don’t expect to have my rent paid by a mysterious man with gorgeous green eyes and a suit that hugs all the right body parts.

Daniel Meyers isn’t concerned about being repaid for his good deed. All he wants is me, and every time he flashes me that dimpled smile I find it harder to resist.

But who is Daniel? Is he really just a man who happened to be in the right place at the right time? 

And why is he so intent on protecting me?


If Kristin knew my real identity, and why I orchestrated our meeting, she’d never speak to me again. And I can’t bear the thought of that.

I was supposed to get in and get what I wanted, but her understated beauty and giving nature changed the game.

All I want is to be near her, to see her, touch her, know her, protect her. 

But who will protect her from me?

September 26
Gloss Publishing LLC
Gloss Publishing, LLC

Customer Reviews

B at Prisoners of Print ,

Suspenseful and Sweet!

4.5 Stars - Cassia Leo serves up a sweet, sexy, and suspenseful read with The Heiress, Kristin and Daniel’s unconventional love story. From the very first page, I was intrigued. There was something inexplicable between Kristin and Daniel that drew me to them and kept me invested in their developing relationship despite how different they seemed. As their journey progressed, the chemistry between the hero and heroine became more obvious and their connection deepened. Kristin and Daniel challenged one another, pushing each other away for the sake of their personal baggage, only to be drawn back in by that intangible pull. The secondary characters added plenty of heart and tons of intrigue, ensuring that I had no choice but to hang on for whatever wild ride Cassia Leo had in store.

Kristin is the kind of heroine I always love getting to know. Hardworking and loyal to those she loves, she’s beautifully flawed and perfectly real. There was something so genuine about this character’s voice that drew me to her heartache. I couldn’t help but feel for her and all she’d already endured. Determined to find her way in the world and make up for the mistakes of her past, Kristin was resilient and vulnerable in a way that made her entirely relatable. Daniel, on the other hand, raised plenty of questions. Everything about this character was carefully crafted and I enjoyed how this hero’s personal history unfolded as the novel progressed. While maintaining a bit of mystery concerning Daniel was necessary to the storyline, I would have liked to unravel him a bit more near the end of the book for the sake of really connecting with him.

One thing I can always count on with this author is her unique and enthralling storylines. The Heiress was no exception and I thoroughly enjoyed the slightly mysterious and certainly surprising journey Cassia Leo had in store for her readers with this book. I loved trying to piece together all the hints and character inconsistencies throughout the novel to try to come up with the truth behind the romance. Cassia Leo’s writing evoked plenty of emotion, tugging on my heartstrings as the past came to light and Kristin and Daniel’s world began to unravel. Although sprinkled with some undeniably suspenseful moments, The Heiress maintained a heartfelt and oftentimes downright swoon-worthy overall tone that made this novel a quick and entertaining read. A poignant and powerful story of loss, love, and forgiveness, Cassia Leo has another memorable romance on her hands with The Heiress!

kimperry ,

Surprising and sexy

Kristin is smart, creative, and a loyal daughter. She would love to pursue her art, but instead she has a dead end job so she can support her mom. It seems as if karma is playing yet another joke on her when a sexy stranger steps in. Daniel is rich and seemingly out of her league, but he's also around whenever she runs into problems. Kristin is not some damsel in distress, as she is strong and independent. She's swept away by him, his protectiveness, and a surprising chemistry. Both are loyal to their families and have secrets that could end a quickly deepening relationship before it really begins.

The Heiress is sexy and surprising as secrets are revealed. Told in both POVs, Cassia Leo shifts between the past and present with unique and flawed characters.

I voluntarily read an advanced copy.

Aduffie ,

Mystery and Romance, yes please!

I was so excited to get a Cassia Leo book in my hand! She has been one of my go to authors for a long time. Her writing style and the way she tells a story always pulls me in. The Heiress was no different and was full of surprises I didn’t see coming.

Kristin and Daniel are strangers who live very different lives. Kristin is a hard worker who is taking care of her mom and keeping them fed and sheltered. When she is in a difficult situation and has to prove herself she meets Daniel and helps her. She is not one to take help from others. Daniel makes her feel comfortable and safe so she finally agrees to a date with him.

I couldn’t help but love Daniel. He introduces himself to Kristin as a successful businessman. He didn’t expect to fall for her and when he did he had a secret he needed to tell her. Telling her could ruin everything for them.

They both have secrets they are keeping. This story is about regret, forgiveness and following your heart. If you’re looking for something with mystery and romance this is the book for you.

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