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In this powerful, sensual romance from the author of Her Survivor, a broken woman meets a shattered warrior—and discovers a passion strong enough to heal each other’s deepest wounds.
Navy SEAL Reece Browning sacrificed body and soul in the line of duty. He survived torture at the hands of America’s enemies, but lost his career and his voice in the process. Traumatized and desperate to get his PTSD under control, Reece escapes to Eagle Ridge Ranch. Under the big Texas sky, he finds peace, a renewed sense of purpose—and a woman who makes him feel like a man again. Her smile lights up his dark days, and her caress helps him forget the night terrors.
Ex-Marine Gina Wilson also bears painful scars: emotional wounds inflicted by men she once trusted with her life. She has fought hard to overcome her demons and build a good life for her daughter, and Reece is too intense, too damaged, too raw to let into her heart. Yet she’s drawn irresistibly to his steely gaze and heated embrace. No one else understands what it’s like to suffer in silence. And when Gina’s daughter is threatened, it’s Reece who risks everything to save the day.
Advance praise for Hers to Heal

Hers to Heal is a wonderful story of two veterans, Reece and Gina, learning to overcome, heal, and trust again. Vonnie Davis handles their heartfelt journey with the right mix of humor and grace to make it a memorable addition to her fabulous series.”New York Times bestselling author Donna Michaels

“In Hers to Heal, author Vonnie Davis gets down to the nitty-gritty of what it’s like for our returning vets and delivers the happily-ever-after they deserve! The sexy Navy SEAL of Hers to Heal, along with his lady love and the cutest little girl ever, will break your heart one minute and have you laughing out loud the next!”—Dixie Lee Brown, author of the Trust No One series
“A wounded warrior struggling to heal. A single mother hoping to overcome hurts from the past. Add in a precocious six-year-old and Davis’s characters leap off the page into your heart.”—AJ Nuest, author of the award-winning Golden Key Chronicles and Golden Key Legacy

Hers to Heal has perfected the recipe for a heartwarming and emotional read. And with a hot hero and smart heroine, there’s plenty of sizzle too.”—Stina Lindenblatt, author of This One Moment

“A dark, heartwarming story of a wounded soldier who embarks on a journey of healing and finding family. Vonnie Davis knows her way around an alpha hero.”—Jessica Lemmon, author of Forgotten Promises

Includes an excerpt from another Loveswept title.

November 22
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Customer Reviews

becky0416 ,

Always a winner

After reading the first book in the Black Eagle Ops series, Her Survivor...and giving it five stars, I expected this second book to provide that same level of a gripping story. This second book was good, but didn't deliver quite at the same level as the first story.

Ms Davis once again created a moving story with characters that reach deep within and touch your heart. Her message of wounded warriors is so much more than a surface topic, she delves deeply into their psyche and physical pain providing the reader with an emotional attachment and investment in the characters. Both primary and secondary characters get equal attention by this author, i.e., Junebug and Piper, who both were scene stealers and delivered some very humorous moments.

Some of the more comical encounters came between Piper and Reece...that little lady certainly had an endearing way about her that simply drew Reece, breaking down some of his tougher barriers. Not only was the banter between the characters entertaining it of itself, but even more entertaining was Reece's inner dialog...it was sharp, very wry and definitely sarcastic to the point of hilarity. Gina did not set to well with me on several occasions...she was too fast to jump down Reece's throat for perceived slights or Piper's safety, which was irritating that someone in a medical profession could be quick to judge and find fault. Though she justified her actions as her "mother mode", it just was used too often and was too much. There were a few other things that were a bit unbelievable in the way of how the real world functions, but not enough to take away from the story as a whole.

The action in the story was gripping and got the heart racing, but I would have liked to have had a bit more of the hunt and capture of the bad guys rather than the general synopsis that was given to neatly tie up that aspect of the story. Not sure if this was because the book was an unedited copy or not, and would be caught and corrected before release, but the author's interchangeable use of filly and colt for the female foal born in the story was glaring to anyone familiar with horses. All in all though, I enjoyed the continuing Black Eagle Ops story and look forward to the next book in the series.

This book was provided by the Publisher and NetGalley, I am voluntarily providing my honest review.

.ii triikz ,

Hers to Heal

While Vonnie Davis did an admirable job spotlighting PTSD and the very real struggles our Veterans go through in order to return to civilian life, she portrayed another honorable medical profession in the most inaccurate fashion. She should have also been responsible enough to do research on the Physical Therapy profession. The descriptions of the interactions Gina and Bambi had with their patients were unrealistic, unethical, and highly unprofessional. Any PT who acted in that manner would be fired immediately, facing malpractice and risk losing their license to practice. I would sincerely hope that you would not cheapen and degrade Physical Therapy Professionals by ignorantly writing about them again.

bh313@hotmail ,


This was an awesome read. I loved these characters. Reece and Gina were great but Piper, Gina's young daughter, stole the story. Reece is a former Navy SEAL who's last mission went fubar and he ended up in enemy hands. During his captivity his refusal to speak was heroic, now that he's home his refusal to speak is just another symptom of his PTSD. The only person that seems to be getting past his defenses is physical therapist Gina Wilson. Gina is a former marine and knows full well what it's like to be haunted by demons. The person that really breaks through to Reece's heart though is Piper. She is a ball of energy who isn't afraid to tell anyone exactly what she's thinking. She makes up her mind that Reece is going to be her Daddy and nothing will change her mind. Will her belief in him be enough to make all their dreams come true??

Definitely a recommended read.

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