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A powerful Contemporary Romance. Here is the first book in the ‘Hidden Pleasures’ Series by Lucia Jordan, written in her signature style of high passion and emotion. 

While Madeline tries to resist Liam, the world of pain and pleasure he offers might just be too tempting to ignore… 

If real estate broker Madeline Swift wants to keep her job, she needs to make a sale and she needs to make it fast. So when a new client is in the market to buy a property, they’re assigned to the disheartened and severely unoptimistic Madeline who comes face to face with the man on whom her job now depends – Liam Benedict. 

But Liam is no stranger to Madeline. The boy she had been infatuated with as a sophomore in college is now a man who’s nothing like what she remembered. He’s older, more sophisticated, gorgeous and impossibly hotter with a new cool, calm authoritativeness that excites and intimidates her at the same time. 

Liam knows exactly who Madeline is, and plans to seduce her into a world of sensual exploration that she had been too naïve for all those years ago. The question is—is Madeline now ready for everything that Liam has in store? 

Only mature readers should download this book

Fiction & Literature
September 4
Vasko Pty Ltd

Customer Reviews

Ronnae ,

Her hidden desires

Madeline knew what she wanted the thing is she didn't realize that Liam wanted her too. So when this first book of Hidden Pleasures ends and you find out that Liam knew who she was all along you find yourself in a quandary. The sex scene was hot but it seemed a little to planned. How did he know what she needed? I can't wait to read the rest of the story to see how this all ends.

Sam_tpr ,

Hidden pleasures

Read it in one sitting 👌🏼

mayorwoody ,

So interesting!

I loved the characters and their interactions. I found Madeline to so adorable and related to her.

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