Book 3 - Nashville Sound

High Stick


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Two twentysomethings struggle to let go of their idea of a perfect world on and off the ice in this emotional third book in the Nashville Sound series.

Ambitious, smart, and straightlaced, Nashville Sound forward Jarrett MacPherson is determined to walk in the footsteps of his All-American hockey-playing grandfather. He prides himself on doing the right thing above all, with ethics so sharp they could cut the heart out of a saint.

Hard-working Merry Sweet toils by day in a paper shop and coffee bar in Sound Town and at night at the arena, cleaning, selling concessions, and taking tickets. Jarrett notices and admires Merry’s determination and believes her when she says she needs money for law school, even offering to help solve her financial problems.

When she refuses him, his esteem for her only grows. But when the public catches wind of their budding relationship, a surprising secret from Merry’s past comes to light. Now, Jarrett must decide if he’ll let his image take precedence over his heart and cost him the chance at something perfectly real.

Sensuality Level: Sensual

February 5
Crimson Romance
Simon & Schuster Digital Sales LLC

Customer Reviews

~Mindy Lou~ ,

3.5 Stars!

Third book in the Nashville Sound series brings us Jarrett "The Saint" and Merry Sweet, a preachers daughter. Sounds like the perfect match, right? Two highly respected people with good work ethics and morals. What could go wrong?

Jarrett has been in love with the idea of being in love for as long as he can remember. Why wouldn't he when he has had the perfect example in his own parents. Sadly, his father passed away when he was only 10 years old but he has always held the memories strong in his heart. I think having a child's view of such a strong love, he wasn't able to see that his parents were still human and were not perfect. So when it was time for him to search for his forever, he might have had high expectation for his future wife.

Being a preachers daughter, Merry has always felt like she stood on the outside of everything. Always included but never allowed to get too close. 2 years prior, when a guy she likes asks her on a ski trip with a group of wealthy kids, she really wants to go. She remembers a fellow college student telling her that she poses as a topless model for a Gentlemen's calendar to earn money for her tuition and has never been recognized. What's the risk if you don't get recognized? What she didn't know was that she was going to be chosen for the cover of the calendar.

I think you probably know what's going to happen when Jarret finds out about Merry's moment of bad decision. First, let me say that you know in the beginning of the story about what Merry did so this is not a spoiler to the story. I have very mixed feelings about Jarret in this book. I loved him when he was wooing Merry. Yes, he did some serious wooing! But when she fell from that pedestal, I guess he fell from his that I had put him on. In his own words "I am a sanctimonious, judgmental a**"

Sadly, his reaction put a bit of a damper on the story for me. I won't go into too much detail because it will be spoiling the end so I will just say that I forgave Jerret and was so happy to see these two get past that bump in the road. I also want to add that I get what the authors were doing here. The overall message the authors provided in this story was a very good one and still an issue in this day and age.

I am truly enjoying this series and look forward to the next couple. ARC provided by NetGalley.

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