His Secret Highland Bride His Secret Highland Bride

His Secret Highland Bride

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Fans of Heather McCollum and Keira Montclair will love this tale of warring clans, a braw Highlander, and a secret none of them saw coming.

It’s been five years since Shane MacPherson stepped foot on his clan’s lands. Still haunted from years at war and the painful ache of loss, duty has called once again…and with it, his obligation to claim his place as the new laird of Clan MacPherson. But when Shane encounters a lass—a Valkyrie in both temperament and foul tongue!—in trouble, he puts title and duty aside to defend her…

Lindsay Wallace would rather die than call the MacPherson lands her home—let alone their horrid clan. She just has to survive a month with her vile uncle before being married off as a peace offering between the Wallaces and MacPhersons. The only person she can trust is a simple soldier who is strong of body and heart. She has no interest in marrying her betrothed…so why not give in to the temptation of a soldier’s kiss?

But promises made can’t be broken or forgotten. And as shadows and war rise once again in the Highlands, Shane and Lindsay must find the courage to face their deepest secrets and their duty…before both love and clan are ripped apart.

May 13
Entangled Publishing, LLC

Customer Reviews

Peg1951 ,

Good Story!

Shane is on his way home from war when he rescues a young woman being accosted by thugs. To Lindsay, he was a soldier grief-stricken, weary from war, and looking for a little peace and quiet. To Shane, she was a young woman in a disagreeable situation. Both are keeping secrets and hiding who they truly are. Shane is the new laird of the MacPherson clan. Lindsay is the daughter of the Laird of the Wallace clan. Before long, they are quite taken with each other and marry. What they didn’t know at the time was that they were betrothed. Shane is the Laird Lindsay to whom is betrothed. Things are a bit prickly when they discover the truth, but Shane and Lindsay are perfect for each other, if they can get past the secrets, fibs, and misunderstandings. This is a well-done, entertaining story with some interesting characters. I look forward to more stories in the series.
I received an ARC of this book from the publisher via NetGalley and voluntarily reviewed it.

CelticBarb ,

Highland Masterpiece!

Book: His Secret Highland Bride
Author: Allison B. Hanson
Series: Clan MacPherson, Book #1
Publisher: Entangled
Release Date: May 13, 2024
Book Length: 284 pages
Overall Rating: 5/5 Stars
Blog Review: 5/5 Saltire Flags


After fighting for five years in France Shane MacPherson returns home to Scotland. He is now a broken man with both physical and mental scars. He is filled with shame and regret because his beautiful, Spanish, wife Maria was murdered while he was away fighting on the battlefield. Furthermore he has not returned to his castle after finds out his father has died which makes him the laird being the eldest son and heir. In addition his is father has made a bridal match for him! This from a man who has ignored him and his siblings most of their lives. As this was done without a care or thought for Shane just to make sure his step mother Deidre is kept in all of her priceless jewels and coin which make Shane so angry! Well things were definitely going to change once he accepts his title and position. His father was only concerned for Deidre but could have at least sent Shane a brief message to France to him to at inform his heir some type of consideration or warning about his future and a faceless wife he will never love!

Shane now hears a woman screaming and goes to protect her and is shocked that two MacPhersons guards were about to attack this beautiful, defenseless, lass! This is how Shane MacPherson meets Lindsay Wallace, his betrothed, even though neither of them knew the truth. As he is now living in his step-brother Ronan's humble cabin on the secluded edge of town while he was visiting with his grandfather. They were best friends and had each backs in the war in France. Luckily Ronan did not take after his heartless, vain, selfish mother who only spends the clan's coin that is needed for planting, food, bandages, livestock and necessities needed to survive!

He tells Lindsay he was a soldier that just returned from France. He is also dressed in humble clothing so neither of them shared their true background or titles. Lindsay didn't look like a Laird's daughter with paper thin worn clothing and wild hair but they became friends quickly and start having feelings for each other although Shane tries to deny it! However she is the first person who has started to make him open his heart again and make him smile, something he hadn't done in a very long time. Shane starts to feel things including guilt for this valkyrie woman even though he is promised to another. Lindsay does not care if she does have a betrothed man she has no interest in marrying just because her clan is forcing her. She is attracted to this poor MacPherson handsome soldier who is her savior and always so kind and caring. However she gives him a false name of Cameron not realizing this clan is an enemy of Clan MacPherson. She had sent her father letters to break another betrothal and to allow her to come home, however they have all been unanswered.

Is it even possible for Shane to love another living with so much guilt and grief from his first wife’s death? Lindsay imagines that this MacPherson Laird to be an uncaring monster and only wants to escape. She can’t help but desire this poor soldier and his sweet wee dog. With all these secrets and lies will Shane and Lindsay ever reveal the truth? What is in the future for this Laird and his secret bride? What will they do when they both realize they have both deceived each other with secrets and lies? Will they feel furious and betrayed? Read and discover their fate!

Disclaimer: I received a free advance readers copy from Entangled publishing. I voluntarily agreed to do an honest, fair, review and blog through netgalley. All words, thoughts, ideas are my own.

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