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Boy meets girl.

Boy falls in love with girl.

Girl falls in love with boy… SCREECH!

No.  It can’t be that easy.  (You knew that, right?)

Boy meets girl.

Boy can’t fall in love with girl.

She also has secrets.  

He’ll try to uncover all her secrets. But in doing so, he’ll have to remove all the walls she hides behind. Leave her bare and aching. And what happens then? 

Girl meets boy.

Girl falls in love with boy. 

Boy can’t love her back.

Fiction & Literature
October 26
Night Shift Publishing
Tammy Falkner

Customer Reviews

Feelrefreshed ,


Enjoyed the story

Anaxkolasi ,


Lark is a member of Fallen from Zero, she is the sister who always wears long gloves. Ryan is a new hire at Reeds tattoo shop. He is deaf and almost his whole family is deaf. He does not date hearing girls because their culture is so different. When Lark somes to him for a tattoo and he finds out her story he is drawn to her. They become inseparable pretty quickly. There is a little drama with his ex, and some worry about meeting his family. They are a great couple and this is a good read, just like all of the Reed books. I would have liked some more time with the Reeds but that is just me.

Szewczyk20 ,

Falkner NEVER disappoints!

This book is just as amazing as all of the others before it. It only saddens me that there is one more character in the original Reed Brothers "family" left to write about it. As excited as I am for the next one, I really enjoyed his one. Her writing makes you laugh and it makes you want to cry. Lark and Ryan are amazing and the fact that we all have our differences makes this story so real, loving and touching! Tammy Falkner is simply AMAZING!!!

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