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She’s done being a virgin. He’s willing to help her out. Only now he has a problem of his own: He can’t stop wanting more. 

The answer has to be no, of course. No way Griff Ambrose is going to help Becca Drake lose her virginity. Not only is she his friend’s little sister, but Griff doesn’t do commitment—not since the day he came home from war to find his house empty and his wife gone.

But he can’t get Becca’s request—or pretty much anything else about her—out of his head. What can it hurt, anyway? If it’s awkward afterwards, they can just avoid each other. Right?

Becca Drake has turned her life around, and she’s proud of how much butt she’s kicking. The shy girl with the self-esteem problem has been shown the door, and New Becca’s in the driver's seat. There’s just one more demon she has to exorcise. Virginity is messing up her sex life. Guys who might be okay with giving her a test drive act like they’re being auditioned for marriage when they find out she’s never had intercourse.

Griff is the perfect candidate to do the deed: He’s her friend, he’s sexy as heck, and neither of them wants anything serious.

Then Becca’s job goes belly up and she takes a temporary position at the veterans’ retreat where Griff works. Now she and Griff can’t stay out of each other’s way—and their entanglement keeps getting messier—and sexier. Worst of all, it’s getting harder and harder for Becca and Griff to lie to themselves about what they really want...

“I loved this book. A friends-to-friends-with-benefits-to-lovers romance that is fun, sweet and heartfelt with fantastic characters and a sexy and emotional love story, I was completely hooked!” —Escapist Book Blog  

“Wow. This was such a great book! I loved that both Griff & Becca had to work on themselves before they could find their HEA. I also loved that they both saw the best in each other, and had more faith in the other person than themselves. I didn’t want to put the book down!!” —Messy Bun Book Blog  

“A wonderfully emotional and captivating romance, Holding Out by Serena Bell is truly a lovely read. It’s well-written, absolutely charming, incredibly touching, and so beautiful in many ways.” —Sincerely Karen Jo 

“This was a great story. I loved the banter. These characters so obviously should be together. The pace was good, the heat was such a good build, and goes great with the series.” —Kitty’s Book Spot 

“5 Steamy Stars! <3 If you are looking for a great book full of romance and good background stories then I would highly recommend reading this book and any other by the author!” —Jackie’s Book World

I absolutely loved Holding Out! Griff and Becca's story was just wonderful. It was sexy, funny, and fun—with a refreshing lack of BS (beyond the traditional "we're just going to do a one and done and move on like nothing happened" that a premise like this demands—but let me tell you, when the delusional "one and done" is as good as this one is, I am here for it). —Becky on Books and Quilts

May 21
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Serena Bell

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Groomsmom ,

Haolding Out

Griff Ambrose is a former Green Beret, working at a veteran’s retreat started by his best friends. The work is good, and they understand his occasional bouts of PTSD, and help him work through it. While he’s with great friends, their spouses and a family like atmosphere, he wishes he could have the same. His dreams of family were shattered when he returned from deployment to find his wife, Marina, had emptied the house of all her things, a note left for him that she wanted a divorce. He still hasn’t recovered, and tends to do a lot of one night stands with no commitment to forget her, or try.

Becca Drake is young beautiful woman, living in Seattle, but since the salon she works for as a receptionist is closing, looking for a new job. Visiting her sister and all her sisters friends always cheers her up, especially seeing Griff. She has a problem she thinks he would be the perfect person to resolve. She’s a virgin, wants to to move on with her life, and trusts Griff to be the perfect guy.....”one and done” as far as she is concerned. Griff is really attracted to her, but since her sister is one of his best friends, he thinks it would be a big problem. Becca understands, but really wants this done, and says she’ll find someone else. Griff was not going to let that happen!

Griff makes the whole experience perfect, but somehow one and done just doesn’t seem right. They spend more time together and realize maybe committing to another person might work. But the past creeps in and ruins Becca new found confidence.

A wonderful contemporary romance, can be a stand alone, but the series is a great read. The romance is sweet, lots of laughs, and an adorable little guy names Robbie.

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