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The 2nd Edition of Hooktheory I is now available on iBooks (released March 2017). We recommend purchasing the 2nd edition rather than this 1st Edition.

Ever wonder how to write a song like the ones you listen to everyday? "Hooktheory I" is an interactive guide through the rules and structure behind chord progressions, melody, and their relationship to one another, to help musicians understand the how and why behind great music.

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June 5
Hooktheory LLC
Hooktheory LLC

Customer Reviews

elvensong ,

Almost perfect

Props to the authors for a very easy to follow explanation of the basics of chord progressions. The text and graphics and audio make it very engaging. I only have two gripes. First there are some parts of the text that are very difficult to see (particularly some of the subscripts for inversions) and some of the graphical representations of notes. Some parts of the text can be zoomed but others cannot. Second, I was expecting a lot more for the price I paid. I read the text and followed the exercises and completed it in less than two hours. I really want to continue the series but not at that price.

XKJ3000X ,

Absolutely Amazing Book and Accompanying Website!

I have been looking for a book that would explain music theory in a clear and concise way; I have read many books and have taken a few classes on music theory , etc... but I have never come across a book that explains it so clearly and effortlessly. The information in this book is strategic and focused ; it will teach you how to formulate chord progressions that sound good, and how to develop melodies that will complement those progressions. I love this book, is there another one coming ? I can't wait.

harlandjp ,

Nice book!

Loved this book! The explanations are easy to understand. Also having sample made internalize the concepts more deeply.
It would be great if you expand the book to include minor keys too.

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