Hope Seeds

Hope For Our Environment

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Publisher Description

Surf Soup Series is Finally Here!

And the "Surf Soup" stories begin.

Here comes "Hope For Our Environment'

'Hope Seeds' planting and saving what we love.

'Hope Seeds' shows us we are all in the 'Surf Soup!' Together! Biodiversity!

The wait is over. The new series "Surf Soup" is here to entertain children who love the ocean, travel, surf, and are enthusiastic to learn new things with a unique and curious cast of characters. Oh! What an adventure.

Learning to be good stewards of our environment and restoring hope.

Learning why we need to save "Hope seeds" 

Award-winning honored TV animator, author, and illustrator Donna Kay Lau has created the 'Surf Soup" series that will delight ocean and nature lovers.  

Placing herself as the Auntie in the 'Surf Soup" series, she teaches the characters many lessons, taking them in her surf van flying thru the air. 

This silly adventure, and a story full of trees, gardening, and all kinds of ways to show kids how they can incorporate being a good caretaker to our environment as well as caring for themselves and being aware, and mindful of the energy they put out into this world.

Auntie Donna had to find a way to 'draw' herself as "Little Donna' to give kids "Hope Our Environment." and use her story to teach that saving "Hope Seeds" will matter, because "Seeds Matter."

An adventure straight out of Auntie Donna's imagination.

Come with us to Auntie Donna's cartoon studio.

Auntie Donna, an artist who loves to tell stories, uses her inspiration and creativity to create the first stories in the "Surf Soup" series. 

Auntie Donna wants you to meet everyone and "EggOh Too!'

Introducing 'Surf Soup" stories!

New characters with unique personalities are introduced in each story.

'Prana the piranha' introduces kids to meditation and Yoga (Tree Pose) in "Hope Seeds"- "Hope For Our Environment.' and uses "social-emotional learning' to calm their bodies with a glimpse into meditation.

Decorate and cut out your own 'Hope Seeds' seed packet using a pattern right out of the book.

Auntie Donna made it for you.

Why do we need to save "Hope Seeds?"

"By saving, exchanging, and reusing seeds over

thousands of years, farmers and gardeners carefully

selected crops for various traits adapted to many

growing conditions and climates, creating a rich 

genetic plant heritage that formed the base of the

global food supply.'

The author has illustrated a children's book for all the little boys and girls that love a silly story, learn ways they can help our environment, and gain "Hope for Our Environment."

Planting 'Hope seeds' along the way setting roots deep into the earth to intrigue kids to get involved in the future and "Hope for Our Environment." 

Do you want to play with us?

We know you will have fun!

Plant "Hope Seeds" with us and set your strong roots of intention to leave this world a better place than you found it."

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To learn more https://surfsoup.tv

April 5
Donna Kay Lau Studios Art is On! in ProDUCKtion Ink
Ingram DV LLC
Grades 2-6

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