Feeling Othered, Being Seen, Finding Value and Purpose, through Resilience and Compassion

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From the award-winning honored TV animator Donna Kay Lau the Surf Soup series begins! Come with us to Auntie Donna's cartoon studio. 

Introducing the Surf Soup series. 


Feeling Othered, Being Seen, Finding Value and Purpose, through Resilience and Compassion. What would you do for your friends? 

Especially when they are 'Othered' and keep getting Uprooted?

From the Author and illustrator of the Surf Soup children's series: Winnie the Pooh and EggOh Too!, Hope Seeds, EggOh Too! and Hope for Our Environment.

Leilani doesn't want her friends Uprooted again. What will she need to do? 

How can she protect them? Who has Uprooted Leilani's friends? After all, Leilani knows exactly how it feels to be Uprooted from her own home. Leilani has just come to the island and moved in with her Auntie for the summer.

Leilani will try everything she can think of to prevent her friends from getting Uprooted.

Surely you can relate to knowing someone that has been abruptly Uprooted too.

Perhaps you had to move in the middle of the school year away from your friends, or your parents are in the military and you have to move, only to be Uprooted again, and you moved in with your Grandparents, or you live with your new foster family. It happens.  

Leilani has a compassionate heart, she tries to be the best friend she can be, no matter what. This story is heartwarming and engages social and emotional learning to show you how to remain strong and not lose your faith, everything is going to be alright.

With perseverance and grit, even though Leilani had so many challenges, she won't give up. You just have to find out what happens. Watch Leilani in action and find out what it is to be a loyal friend.

Uprooted is the perfect introduction to more characters in the Surf Soup series, setting up the world of Surf Soup and leaving you to want more after every episode. 

You're going to be hooked on the adventure and creativity of Auntie's imagination again. Will Leilani and her friends learn how to persevere? Or will they just give up? If you want to be inspired...

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Donna Kay Lau is the creator of  Surf Soup, Artist, Author, and TV Animator - Lau worked at Nickelodeon Animation, and Cartoon Network, working on productions: Emmy award-winning 'Dora the Explorer', 'CatDog', 'Oswald the Octopus,' 'Generator Rex, "Ben 10", & "Regular Show,' and her current project Surf Soup cartoon & books! Lau has also been creating "Augmented Reality." and Animated shorts to complement the book, and Podcast series too. Donna Kay Lau's fifth children's book and another episode of the Surf Soup series.

I hope you love Uprooted as much as I loved creating it. Love, Donna Kay Lau.

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July 8
Donna Kay Lau Studios Art is On! in ProDUCKtion Ink
Ingram DV LLC
Grades K-6

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