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Their spaceship is falling apart. There's a substantial bounty on each one of their heads. Their captain is a stark, raving lunatic.

Making a decent living as a space pirate is hard enough, what with the near-constant spaceship repairs, the dogged bounty hunters and the treacherous galactic underworld one must navigate to survive. The crew of The Unconstant Lover, therefore, have plenty on their plate, attempting to both turn a decent profit and stay one step ahead of the forces of law and order.

Now add Captain Nemo – ace pilot, megalomaniac and complete moron – to the mix.

Hell-bent on becoming the most fearsome dread pirate the galaxy's ever seen, Nemo leads his motley crew with bluster and bravado through planetary blockades, space station shoot-outs and rowdy barroom brawls.

Before long, the galaxy at large starts to take notice. Before long, The Unconstant Lover and her crew are caught in the crossfire of a bidding war between three of the galaxy's most dangerous crimelords.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
May 25
Timothy J. Meyer
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Abc111213 ,

Good book

Once you start reading it you just can't put it down.

Mech360 ,

I wasn't sure at first.

I didn't get into it until the "First Interlude" chapter. The narrative use of big words, at first, broke the flow for me. Suddenly it became hilarious to me when narration spoke eloquently whilst a dumb character did something absurd. This story comes from a brilliant author, an incredible imagination, and invites you into a new galaxy.

Jaixin ,


I was excited to try out this book. I thought it might be along the lines of Firefly. But as I started reading I began to encounter the spacer shorthand language as well as the cumbersome sentence structure and found it absolutely impossible to read through. It distracted from the story and made me wish the author would just stop using it. Then I realized that I could just stop reading it. Problem solved!

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