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The small town of Canyon Springs, Colorado, is filled with warm, welcoming people and breathtaking views. Is that why visitors often decide to stay for the rest of their lives? Or is it something else?

Layla doesn’t believe any of the nonsense her grandmother filled her head with growing up. There’s no way that shifters have the ability to entice humans into their world through some sort of coercion. The woman was simply prejudice. The concept is nonsense.

So, Layla isn’t concerned about making the trip to Canyon Springs to settle her estranged aunt’s estate. In fact, she’s hoping to meet her first shifter and find out if they really are larger, sexier, and more tempting. The truth is that Layla is a starving actress, and she needs a change.

She’s not, however, prepared to meet Hunter and put all her beliefs to the test. He’s everything she hoped for and then some. It would seem he’s also doing exactly what her grandmother warned her about—luring her into his lair. Her libido is on overdrive. Her heart is in danger too.

August 18
Becca Jameson Publishing
Becca Jameson

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Miche426 ,

Suspenseful romantic mystery

Layla graduated college with a Theater degree and went to California the sad reality is many other staving actors and actresses are striving for the same goal. Layla has had a few successes but not enough to pay the rent and eat without waiting tables. She misses her twin sister Elena, they haven’t kept up with each other lately and is really looking forward to seeing her again. Their grandmother’s twin sister Marge passed away and not long after their grandmother had passed away. Their Grandmother Mabel held a grudge for over 50 years with her sister Marge for going to Canyon Springs and falling in love and marrying a shifter.
Layla is meeting her sister in Canyon Springs, Colorado because their great Aunt Marge left them her house when she passed. This is the VERY BASIC beginning to a wonderfully suspenseful romantic story that I just loved.

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