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Who doesn't love to take pictures?

The average picture-taker doesn't really understand photography the way they could. This results in mediocre or average-looking pictures. Surely you've seen those “wow” pictures and dreamed you could make your own photography look like that. You can!

It’s important to understand great pictures have very little to do with your camera. It's all about your technique and style. This book aims to help you improve technique, and it simply comes down to understanding a few things about how photography works; what your camera is doing when it captures the picture and how light affects the end result. Things you may not be thinking about when you press the shutter.

This book can remedy that.

Some of what this book covers:

Professional people-picture techniques, including indoor and outdoor, children and elderly tips, candids and portraiture. Even how best to shoot events like weddings.

Professional place-picture techniques, including travel and vacation, scenics, landscapes and landmarks, including museums and other display galleries.

Professional flora and fauna techniques, such as gardens, zoo and wild animals, pets and domesticated animals, plants and objects, macro photography, and how to get the look just right.

Professional techniques regarding architecture and objects as big as a house down to jewelry.

Professional styling techniques, such as fast-moving action like sport and play, elementals like weather - inclement and otherwise, night photography.

You’ll also learn about “Photographer’s Eye” and how to develop vision to compose your pictures, rather than just snapping away willy-nilly. Also covered are post-processing techniques, how best to share and show-off your art, and a heavy treatment on the actual mechanics of photographic optics so you can get your pictures just right as you see them in your head before pressing the shutter.

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December 22
Ron Andrade
Ron Andrade

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