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A little white lie. A little white wedding. A pair of roommates in over their heads.

Days before she's set to move across the country and start a prestigious graduate program, a con artist leaves Emmy with no where to live and less than zero dollars in her bank account. But her day doesn't seem quite so bad compared to Beckett's--his fiancee called off their wedding just days before they tie the knot. Now he's single and ineligible for his place in married student housing.

So what are a girl without a home and a guy without a wife supposed to do? A quickie wedding in Vegas will solve both their problems. It's a business arrangement, and no one even needs to know. They'll just get an annulment in a few months. What could go wrong?

Only Beckett forgot to mention his new apartment is a one-bedroom. And neither of them counted on their new friends at Middlesex University thinking they're a great couple. The platonic newlywed game might be harder to play than Emmy thought. Especially when it starts to feel less than platonic.

August 8
Liz Czukas
Liz Czukas

Customer Reviews

DG Whit ,

I temporarily do.

Good book I enjoyed it.

NV19 ,

I Temporarily Do

Really cute story!!!!

Aydelott ,

Love! But could be better.

Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love this book! I think it’s one of the best books that I have ever read but I do wish that the author would have included a little bit more details like their parents reaction to when they found out they were either getting married or already married. I kind of wish that their parents had found out they were married over Christmas but other than that it’s a really good book I think!

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