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Evan Rocco has been a hero to Paige Lawson for as long as she could remember.  So when she runs into him in a bar after a major professional coup, she's feeling celebratory and reckless.  But it can't go anywhere, because after all, he's Evan Rocco.  When she finds her gaming company in trouble, there's only one man she can turn to.

Evan can't get the woman who disappeared after their one-night-stand six months ago out of his head.  He'd honestly thought there was more between them besides just sex—a connection he'd never felt before.  When PSL, his favorite game software company is the victim of sabotage, he jumps at the chance to help them solve the mystery behind The Crimson Lady, the fan-made character who's taking credit for murder.  Maybe it will get his mind off the woman of his dreams.

When he realizes who the CEO of PSL actually is, he has to get over his own issues or else he'll put the one woman in danger he never wanted to hurt. 

This is book two in the Pierce Securities series, a stand-alone story.  The first book, while not necessary to read, is Craze.

June 26
Anne Conley
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

PelicanFreak ,


Professionally done and relevant, it fits with the series and the other covers in the series.
Professional! I think I found one mistake in the whole thing! Impressive.
Absolutely gorgeous – text is laid out perfectly, easy on the eyes and it’s pretty with the Pierce Securities Shield heading up the chapters and a splash of the cover color.

The Book:
I started this series with ‘Craze’ and became horribly addicted so of course I had to check out ‘Wire’. The guys of Pierce Security are back and still hot. While we are introduced to Paige – a newcomer to the series – as far as the guys go, Wire picks up where Craze left off – in a way – but they can be read out of sequence.
(I don’t want to spoil either so I’ll just say everything that happened in Craze holds true going forward.)
Conley has a way of designing characters who are completely f---ed up, yet at the same time, somehow lovable and respectable so you still want them to have everything they want. It’s definitely fun.

Well designed and the ones we met in Book 1 of the series remain true and consistent. Also they’re addictive. Even though I predicted every turn this book took, I never had any desire to rush through it or quit because I’m hooked into their lives.

No – my desire to have more of these characters in my life will keep me going but Wire ties up neatly.

4 stars and I’m off to read another of Conley’s brilliant books.

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