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The finest doctors in Manhattan have told Claire Holladay she’d be lucky to live until September.  Determined to savor every moment, the beautiful young journalist hides her illness and heads for the open skies of Denver, escorted by her uncle’s trusted employee, handsome ex-outlaw Billy West.  En route, she survives kidnapping by gunslingers, thanks to Billy’s daring rescue, but soon faces something even more dangerous:  love.  Billy’s touch makes her yearn to surrender, but the secret she holds can only break both their hearts.


Billy knows Claire is way out of his league the first time he sees her.  She’s beautiful, cultured and way too rich for his blood.  But somewhere between New York and Denver, she steals his heart.  Somehow, he has to make Claire take a chance on a man with nothing to his name—and show her how love can work miracles that last a lifetime ….

August 9
Brenda Jernigan

Customer Reviews

jdh2690 ,

Terrific Historical Western Romance!

I enjoyed this historical western romance very much. There was a touch of suspense included in the story too, which made the tale all the more exciting. Shannon McKinley flees Scotland to escape her brutal father and his intent to marry her to one of his cronies. She applies for the post of nanny for a widower’s two small children in the small town of Cottonwood, Texas. The first surprise was that the children’s father, Luke Griffin, was a handsome man who made Shannon’s heart sing and the second surprise was that the redheaded beautiful Shannon made Luke’s heart sing despite his reluctance to get involved in a relationship. The rest of the tale was as endearing as the two children who were missing their natural mother and were suspicious of another nanny (the previous six didn’t last long enough to make a good impression), but gradually learned lessons and manners and to respect Shannon. This was a very satisfying romance.

Bookworm2414 ,

Highly Recommended!

*****FIVE STARS! The story of Shannon and Luke was so much fun to read! I knew upon first meetin the character of Shannon that she was going to give the hero a run for his money — and I was not disappointed. As for Luke, the way the author introduces him shows that there is more to this man than meets the eye. His past experience makes him the perfect match for Shannon. The two are a lot alike and that means you (the readers) are in for a special treat as this romantic adventure unfolds.
Author Brenda Jernigan paints a vivid portrait of the early West that almost made me feel as if I were there. Romance, adventure, and some historical bits thrown into the mix make this story just too good to miss. I cannot recommet this tale highly enough!***** HUNTRESS REVIEWS by Detra Fitch

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