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Eve Coleman was a gambler in a red dress, looking to lie low.

Cameron Neal was a marshal looking to please his dying godfather.

She answered the ad for a mail-order bride.

He went to send her away but she pulled at him like no other.

She knew his godfather's illness was a sham but she married the marshal anyway.

Was she making a mistake?

She could put on her red dress and do what she was good at or stay and work harder at something than she ever had in her life. Marriage.

For their own reasons they were together…“until death do you part”.

January 29
Firehouse Publishing
Firehouse Publishing

Customer Reviews

Hillsmomma ,

Great Story

When Eve lost her husband at a young age she did the only thing she knew how to survive, she gambled. Growing up her father taught her everything he knew about cards and she was good at it. When she had a run in with the Stone brothers who were sore losers she decided it was time to leave town. She decided to become a mail order bride and headed out to Silver City to get married. She and her new friend who became like a sister had quite the adventure.

Cameron the town Marshall was just as surprised as Eve to find out he was the groom. He was ready to send her packing until she stepped off the coach and right away he knew he would marry her. Of course Cameron was doing this for his Godfather who was on his deathbed. Right? That’s what he told himself anyway. If you want to know how the story turned out you’ll just have to read it. I enjoyed the characters, the adventure, and the HEA. Looking forward to reading more from this author.

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