33 Thoughts to Feel Better

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Shortly: 33+ ways to improve your mood and raise your vibration.

This book is not for those who want to "get things manifested with Law of Attraction."

This is for those who maybe started like this (we all probably started like this, and maybe still start like this in every tense situation), but at some point realized, that it works differently, that it is an emotional path.

We align so that we could feel better, directly. And then the things come, too, as a bonus.

But we do it initially more for our integrity, or because of our integrity: because we understand the vibrational nature of everything.

If you’re one of us, this book might not only be useful for you, - you might enjoy it, as much as we do. Or more. :)

You can use these templates of thoughts in your focus wheels and other types of vibrational work/play. It can just be a path of least resistance for you.

In some being down cases simply reading this book can help to raise your mood so that you feel lighter, so that life becomes more delicious for you. 

It addresses the following states (this is the table of contents):

#1. When you miss someone
#2. When you're wobbling back and forth
#3. When you feel aligning as getting tense
#4. When you're doubting
#5. When you "fell back"
#6. When you feel desperate, helpless, afraid
#7. When you're tired of being afraid
#8. When you feel humiliated or pathetic for having that problem
#9. When you face a crisis
#10. Next thought
#11. When you can't see any good in your circumstances
#12. When you still can't see any good in it
#13. When you can't accept the situation
#14. When you doubt your way of life
#15. When a problem looks like an obstacle
#16. When it looks so dark and unsolvable
#17. When it's a bit lighter, but still feels like a problem
#18. Close thought
#19. Close thought, especially in health and beauty tense points
#20. Close thought, especially in an elationship tense point
#21. When you feel scattered, lost and worrying
#22. When you feel dependent
#23. When you see no solution
#24. When you miss the old times, thinking you can never feel that good again without them
#25. When you're facing a problem
#26. Close thought
#27. Facing whatever
#28. When it's tense and feels bad
#29. When you feel right and wrong at the same time
#30. When it seems easier to just complain
#31. In many cases, especially when you recognize, that you're trying to earn approval from someone or yourself
#32. When a situation triggers you too much
#33. When you feel overwhelmed, or when something ends that you want to continue

And as a bonus - a beautiful exercise, which can put you in a very good feeling. Have you ever tried to visualize, what you want in life? Usually together with it some resistance arises, “it just can’t happen,” and it feels bad.

The exercise you’ll get as a bonus, will give you a beautiful way to bypass it and let you just enjoy what you’re becoming.

See you in the book! :)

Health, Mind & Body
December 5
Olga Farber
Draft2Digital, LLC

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