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I don't know what happened to my life.

Just a few months ago, I was independent and had an exciting job I loved. Now, along with my friends, I'm in hiding.

Why? Because I'm one of the Five, a group of human women bestowed with powers and abilities to fight and control supernatural beings. A prophesy was written about us centuries ago. We are supposed to save the world, though none of us knows how. 

Now, Cornelius, the leader of a malevolent group known as the Faction believes that by killing us and absorbing our power, he will become unstoppable in his bid to control not only the supernatural domain, but the entire world.

After evading capture and an attempt on my life forced me into months of hiding, I finally have a chance to take action against the Faction — as bait.

Asher Leroux, the vampire tasked with helping me, makes me feel things I don't understand. It's as if he fills the empty places in my soul, spaces that I didn't know existed.

As the final battle draws closer, I know that defeating the Faction won't give me back the life I once had, but maybe that's not such a bad deal after all.

January 27
Crystal W. Wilson
Crystal Wilson

Customer Reviews

csbikerchick ,

Bitten series

Love the books, but I cannot understand why there is not a book with Shannon’s story. That is disappointing.

Maof5boys ,

I soo loved it

I would highly recommend this series. It was truly addictive. I loved both the charters strength and how the stories all linked together and how it was all brought to an partial end know we can look forward to catching up with them in. Future series.

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