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Assessment Of Irregularities-Bursts And Catastrophic Changes In Compressor Units

A.M. Pashayev, A.Kh. Janahmadov, N.G. Javadov, M.Y. Javadov

The paper assesses the type of irregularities of type bursts and disastrous wear during operation of the tested CU equipment. Using the flicker-noise spectroscopy (FNS), which is used to estimated the parameters of the singular component of the power spectrum of the signal and find significant changes in the dimensionless parameters of unsteadiness providing an indication of the approaching moments of a catastrophic deterioration of the equipment.

Mineral Composition And Textural-Structural Peculiarities Of Ore, And Mineral Formation Stage Of The Gedabey Gold-Copper Deposit (Lesser Caucasus)

M. Aliyev, G. Huseynov

The mineral composition and textural and structural characteristics of ores are studied, also the phases and stages of mineralization, which are an important source of information on the conditions of formation of the deposit, time allocation of gold and its spatial association with certain mineral assemblages and associations. Consideration of these issues can come to an understanding of the factors behind the differences in the scale and extent of gold deposits of various types, as well as to form a mineralogical search features gold-bearing mineralization.

Development Of Decision-Making Algorithm On Efficiency Of Operators And Traffic Controllers Of Air Transport Based On Their Psycho-Physiological Conditions And Productivities

R.M. Jafarzade, T.R. Jafarzade

By processing the data on the human-operator active performance with respect to their psycho-physiological conditions and productivities in the human-machine systems, we developed the algorithm for the possibilities of further execution of their (operator) duties in the incomplete and unclear initial data. Using fuzzy clustering and the interval fuzzy sets of the second type, and the coordinated assessment of expert opinions on the binary relationship of objects from the class with recommendations on the further implementation of their activities, we obtained the individual assessment of the alternative recommendations for each of the tested objects from the set of objects. The calculation for the experimental data is provided.

The proposed approach can be used for the adaptive selection of recommendations on the continuation of duties of air operators and air traffic controllers by taking into account the dynamic of changes of their psycho-physiological states and productivities.

Management Of Portfolio Of Securities On The Basis Of Minimization Of The Conditional Expected Losses

S.M. Javadova

On the basis of a method of empirical averages for the general problem of stochastic programming, convergence of the solution of an approximating task to the solution of a problem of conditional minimization of the expected losses when forming an investment portfolio is proved.

Numerical calculations on a concrete example of two joint stock companies are received by means of the program of linear programming in MATLAB system.

Science & Nature
March 28
Elmar Janahmadov 109937701

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