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Hunter’s Moon Box Set

Hunter, the werewolf yearling, of the human Adrienne and Wilder the Alpha werewolf. Hunter is eighteen and discovers love for the first time. His desire for Katie a human will alter his perception of life. The ordeal he will encounter after meeting Katie will thrust him into a series of hardships, where he will be kidnapped by the werewolf  Bane, who is infatuated with Hunter's mother, and Bane wants revenge against Hunter's father Wilder.

The unfortunate set of problems facing Hunter will thrust him into a terrifying and an adventurous life he may not be prepared for.

Moon Tide

When the young Alpha werewolf Hunter, returns to his home from his harrowing escape in Alaska, he discovers that the human he loves has taken up with his twin brother. He sees this as a betrayal by his brother Devin and Katie.

Unhappy at being alone, Hunter decides it’s better to share Katie with his werewolf brother than to desire her and never have her. If Hunter makes that faithful decision he will have put aside his principles and all that he believes in for one night with Katie.

Moon Rapture

Haley is the teenage human who loves and desires Hunter above all else. But Hunter can’t seem to see her because he wants Katie. If Haley doesn’t find a way to Hunter’s heart, and Hunter wakes up too late to discover that Haley is the only one for him, he could lose Haley to a lion shifter who is on her trail, and he won’t stop until he brings Haley into his Pride.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
August 2
Rachel E Rice
Draft2Digital, LLC

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