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Best laid plans are going to get wrecked when a reclusive football star is forced to live with a reluctant nanny.

A standalone novel. All books in this series can be read separately and out of order.

Cam DeSantis’ life is a mess.

How else would you describe losing your husband, your job, and your money all at once?

Desperate times call for desperate measures. So when salvation comes in the form of one intolerable jerk, she has no choice but to accept his offer as a nanny for his eight year old nephew.

Now all she has to do is find a way to ignore him for the next three months. Which is easier said than done.

NFL quarterback Calvin Shaw has zero interest in women.

It’s not that he doesn’t like women. In fact, he loves women. He just doesn’t want anything to do with them.

What he needs to do is focus on winning another Super Bowl before he retires.

Problem is, the woman living in his house is a major distraction. And he doesn’t know what’s worse, that he promised to be civil, or that he’s attracted to her.

January 19
P. Dangelico
Paola Dangelico

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Wrecking ball

Couldn't put it down. Literally laughed out loud at many parts. Finished it in one day. Thanks for an enjoyable coved 19 stay at home day.
Rosalie Wandell

gbrieger3 ,


WRECKING BALL is a delightful surprise. What makes the story so good are the layered, complex characters. They have depth and are developed slowly and there are plenty of funny lines that had me laughing out loud. Along with the laughter, there is also emotion and heartache as the two main characters stumble through their lives trying recover from their pasts.

Calvin, a professional quarterback for the New York Titans, has given up on everything but football. Football is the one thing Calvin excels at and it has never disappointed him. He is recovering from a bad childhood and a wife who cheated on him and he prefers solitude and doesn't trust anyone.

Calvin and Cam are brought together when Cam is hired as a live in nanny to take care of Calvin’s nephew. From the moment they meet, Calvin and Cam disagree on everything. Calvin is used to being in charge and having everyone follow his orders. He can not believe Cam blatantly ignores him and what he tells her to do. Cam does not put up with Calvin’s surly attitude and she has Calvin tied up in knots. Cam is direct, honest and she doesn't care what Calvin thinks. In fact, Cam enjoys riling Calvin up. I love these two together. There is a push and pull between them and they are constantly bantering and bickering. Even though is a lot chemistry between them, their relationship builds slowly.

Cam’s former husband lied and cheated many people out of all their money. Cam is left with nothing but heartbreak and is trying to pick up the pieces of her life. She is a sweet and giving person and tries to see the good in everyone.
Calvin and Cam slowly go through a transformation from the beginning of the story to the end. They are two lost, wounded souls and they help each other learn to enjoy life again. This is a beautiful, emotional, unexpected story and I am so glad I had the chance to read it. There are some fun secondary characters and I especially liked Cam’s best friend Amber, she is hilarious. I fell in love with Calvin right along with Cam. He is tough, stubborn, and vulnerable. I loved getting lost in this captivating story. The characters are endearing and unforgettable and I never wanted this story to end.

Thanks to the author for providing a copy of this book vIa Cocktails and Books and Netgalley. The opinions expressed are my own.

paigelikeabook ,

Waste of my time

No, no, no. I waited for like 26-28 chapters for these mofos to get together... and it’s only got 30 chapters 😑

-clean/vanilla af
-takes foreverfor any progression between Cam & Calvin
-the schmaltzy, sappy crap they say to each other is not my style. It doesn’t read as genuine & had me rolling my eyes
- There wasn’t enough chemistry for me to root for them
- there’s not enough development for them as individuals or as a couple; especially since they were barely a couple
- it was so boring & blah blah blah that I skimmed heavily

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