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Cancelled flight? Alexa Jordan hadn’t expected to hear those two words during a layover. When her Caribbean vacation is put on ice due to a snowstorm, her coworker Lucas Massino offers to help. But will his assistance cost more than she can afford?

Alexa is no fan of the holiday season—Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa—doesn’t matter. She has no use for the celebrations because they stress family and that’s the one thing she doesn’t have. When her brilliant plan to travel on Christmas Day backfires due to a snowstorm in Atlanta, Alexa is in no mood for any more mess. The absolute last person she wants to see is the one man who makes her feel out of control.

When Lucas Massino spies his pretty coworker acting like the last kid selected for a team, he jumps at the opportunity fate provides and offers her a place to stay. He’s had a man-size crush on Alexa since they first met, but no matter how he turns on the charm she keeps him at arms’ length.

Alexa is no fool and spending time with someone she knows is preferable to being in a hotel with strangers. But alone, the two cannot fight their mutual attraction. Alexa chalks their behavior up to one of convenience, but Lucas knows better. He just has to make Alexa realize she’s his heaven and he’s her home.


A trail of sparse black hair led from the middle of his torso to the low-slung waistband of his black flannel pants. She tightened her hands around the cup to prevent herself from touching him.

She sipped the chocolate. “I’m sorry about earlier.”

“Feel better?”

“Plenty.” The caring look on his face was almost her undoing. What was it about this man who conducted her body’s temperature like a maestro?

She clenched her thighs at the sight of his big hands cradling a mug. Lucas tipped his head back as he drained the remainder of the soothing liquid. His Adam’s apple bobbed with each swallow.

What kind of lover was he? Did he take his partner’s satisfaction into consideration or did he forge ahead, mindful only of his own?

Lucas set his mug on the counter. He tugged the bottom of her t-shirt, each pull drawing her until their toes touched. “Want to talk about what’s on your mind?”

A shiver went through her. His scent reminded her of pine, hard and unyielding, yet able to bend with the right motivation.

“No,” she whispered, unsure if her voice carried the conviction necessary to steer their conversation onto safer ground.

He peeled her fingers from the death grip on the mug before he rested it on the countertop next to his own.

He brought her flush against him.

She gasped, feeling the unmistakable evidence of his arousal. Her lashes fluttered with the tightening of her womb at the onslaught of his hard body.

“Since you don’t want to talk, how about I tell you what I was thinking right before I heard your screams?”

His tone was low, laced with powerful intent. Her feet ignored the command to move, content to remain glued to the floor.

Lucas lowered his head to her neck. “Remember that purple dress you wore to the office party?” His breath fanned against her ear.

A shudder ran through her and the ability to speak vanished.

He stroked her cheek. “Cashmere, you called the material.”

Her legs weakened at the touch of his fingers against her skin. She clutched at his waist, the skin hot and firm under her hands.

“I hugged you. I swear, Alexa, your heartbeat echoed my own.”

Fiction & Literature
December 31
Tamara Hunter
Draft2Digital, LLC

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