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There is only one woman for Caiden Hall. One woman who promised him a future.

That promise ended when he wound up in prison for murder after an illegal boxing event at Bantorus clubhouse. Upon his early release—thanks to the president of Ronacks Motorcycle Club, Caiden arrived back in Federal, Idaho, expecting Jolene to be waiting for him, and found he had nothing left of his former life. 

Jolene Shayne walks into the gas station after moving back to Federal and comes face to face with the one man who changed her life twenty years ago. She recognizes Caiden instantly. 

Unprepared to find Caiden living in Federal, she struggles to understand the anger and hatred directed at her.

Until she realizes she's living the life that she and Caiden had planned together…alone. 

April 4
Debra Kayn
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

jericho's girl ,


I loved it! You need to read it! Enough said!

Mom's Cooking The Books ,

Heart wrenching and beautiful love story!

Wow that was a heart wrenching and beautiful love story! It is written starting when Caiden and Jolene were 22 and 17, respectively. They were in love and planning for their future. Jolene comes from an affluent high society family whereas Caiden is living in an apartment above a bar that his alcoholic mother works at. Caiden has never known what it’s like to have a stable home, food on the table, clothes to wear that don’t come from the second-hand thrift store. Jolene has the comforts of a stable home, but her parents are emotionally negligent and controlling. They are planning their future when life takes a terrible turn. Caiden has Jolene promise that she would wait for him. She makes that promise, but life has other things in store for these young lovers.

Fast forward 20 years and Jolene returns to Federal Idaho since her parents have moved to Arizona. Her parents had her leave Federal once Caiden went to prison and Jolene missed Caiden every day, but there are circumstances that she doesn’t try to find him. Once Caiden is released from prison after 10 years he is hoping Jolene is waiting for him even though she never had written or came to see him. When he realizes she had moved away, he tried to find her and then found she changed her name. He assumed she moved on and married. Forgetting her promise to him. He was angry and bitter, but he never stopped loving her. Little did he know that Jolene never stopped loving him and couldn’t move on, she had her own story to tell.

This story has so much emotion to it. There are circumstances that come to light that makes your heart hurt for both of them. There are times when you are rooting so hard for these two to get over the feelings of betrayal and misunderstanding. There are so many factors in play for that it makes it hard for them to be able to move on. This book captivated me and held me hostage until I finished it! The love and longing and passion these two have is so beautiful.

I truly loved this story and was so happy that my beloved Bantorus, Moroad and Ronacks Motorcycle Clubs had a part in this love story.

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