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You've never read a shifter book like this before! Escape into a time of magic and sorcery, and lose yourself in a dark medieval fantasy with a difference.

Queen, beggar... cat? Caitlyn is all three.

Caitlyn has lost everything – her husband, her throne, her home.

With her husband lying brutally slaughtered at her feet and with his enemies at her door, she flees for her life. Desperate, terrified, and plagued by visions of an evil woman performing dark rituals, Caitlyn seeks sanctuary with an English lord. But when the very man who she feels she can trust betrays her, she escapes – and runs straight into the clutches of the woman from her visions.

Herleva is a woman filled with ambition and greed; a woman who intends to be more than a commoner, and who gets what she wants by whatever means possible – even if she has to practice the dark arts to achieve her goals.

A woman who is a witch.

Using magic and evil to cast her spells, Herleva transforms Caitlyn into a cat, a witch's familiar. Having no choice but to do the witch's bidding, Caitlyn's life is changed forever by the hideous enchantment.

Only death can free her. The question is, whose?

What readers are saying about Blood, Soul and Magic

"This is a really good mix of historical drama and supernatural. I read the whole book in one day." (Goodreads reviewer)

"I had no real idea what to expect. Would it be historical drama or magical fantasy? Game of Thrones style political intrigue and violence, or Arthurian-style chivalry and witchcraft? The answer is, yes. All of the above" (Goodreads reviewer)

"What an unusual story of queens, kings, princes, dukes, lords, ladies, murder, death, danger, magic and witches" (Goodreads reviewer)

"This book is full or murder, mayhem, battles, treachery, witchcraft, and yes, even the occasional lighthearted moment just to keep the book from being too deep. I loved every word of it and cannot wait for the next book in the series. To sum this book up in one word...EPIC!" (Goodreads reviewer)

"This book was 100% not what I thought it was going to be; instead the story was unlike any I've ever read before & I ended up totally enthralled" (Goodreads reviewer)

Fiction & Literature
October 15
Elizabeth Davies
Draft2Digital, LLC

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