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No nightmares about my dad’s car crashing or my sister’s tiny face vanishing in a window of red. No, not anymore. Now when I sleep I fall into an expanse of frozen wilderness, the other life I’ve lived…

The one I’ve lived with him.

Anna experiences vivid dreams from a past-life she lived in the 1800s with her husband Robert and their children in the wilderness of the Michigan Territory. Much like her own mother grieving the man and child she lost, Anna can’t simply let go of the memories that haunt her.

But when she runs into Robert in this lifetime, a whirlwind of their past lives—and deaths—rocks her modern world to the core. What will she be willing to risk to spend every lifetime with Robert?

In the twists and turns of “repeating” their lives over and over through time, Anna must sacrifice everything for a glimpse of immortal love.

Young Adult
September 25
Inkspell Publishing
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

PelicanFreak ,

Refreshing, heart-wrenching, passionate and amazing...

I fear I’ll not be able to express just how great this book is, however I’ll try.

First of all, even if this isn’t your genre, I strongly recommend it for the art of writing alone. Ward has a brilliant way with words, the analogies used here are vivid, creative, original and still sensible.

That said, I completely loved this book and missed it whenever I put it down. With the glimpses of the past, it feels like a double escape, if that makes sense. With this book, I become attached to the heroine right away, needing to know more, wanting to see her go through the everyday stuff, but then her dreams take me back to a whole other time … and it too is addictive.

I constantly say—complain really—that everything has been done before, everything is predictable and I struggle to finds things that really impress me. This book though … while I did predict all of it, I absolutely craved seeing it play out. I’d still take sequels, prequels, any more of these people’s world I could get my hands on. (Thought it is wrapped up neatly.) And there is no denying that it is original. I cannot tell you how excited I am to read something that’s so refreshing.

Refreshing how? This book, despite being YA is a classic love story. I don’t want to post spoilers so you’ll have to take me at my word there. But the feelings, the passion are very raw, and very, very real. The book is very clean, but still conveys more passion than I’ve seen in almost everything else I’ve read combined.

The character development is very complex—and again without saying too much for fear of spoilers—I can only say the author pulled it off, mastering both continuity and basic traits, values and characteristics at a soul level.

Also there were some truly heart-wrenching scenes that were … exhilarating to read between the scenes themselves, and the part of me that couldn’t turn off my appreciation for the art and how well it was all executed.

I rarely give 5-star reviews, especially when I managed to predict so much but, this book truly warrants all of the stars with its masterful execution.

So … 5 stars. Can I give it more?

“Love is indeed enough and in the end it is all we take with us.”

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