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In this twisty psychological thriller from the New York Times bestselling author of The Girl Before, an actress plays both sides of a murder investigation.
“[A] rich, nuanced, highly literary take on the Gone Girl theme.”—Booklist (starred review)

Claire Wright is desperate. A British drama student in New York without a green card, she takes the only job she can get: working for a firm of divorce lawyers, posing as an easy pickup in hotel bars to entrap straying husbands. But then the game changes. 
When one of her targets becomes the suspect in a murder investigation, the police ask Claire to use her acting chops to lure him into a confession. From the start, she questions the part she’s being asked to play: Is Patrick Fogler a killer? Or is there more to this setup than she’s being told?
Claire will soon realize she is playing the deadliest role of her life. 
Praise for Believe Me
“For readers who enjoyed the paranoia factor in A. J. Finn’s The Woman in the Window or the unreliable narrator of Paula Hawkins’s The Girl on the Train.”Library Journal
“Produces a bobsled run’s worth of twists.” Publishers Weekly
“An intense, stylish psychological thriller.”Good Housekeeping
“A dark and haunting thriller . . . A superb evocation of conflicted emotions, this never lets you guess what’s coming next.”Daily Mail
“I so enjoyed it—what a twisty, exciting read.”—Sabine Durrant, author of Lie With Me

Mysteries & Thrillers
July 24
Random House Publishing Group
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Customer Reviews

Promise316 ,

Pretty good

The beginning and end were good but the middle lost me to the point I almost stopped reading the book. I think it was a little drawn out but an okay read.

Bdude24 ,

Don't waste your money

Implausible story line with shallow characters. Painful read.

ShootForTheEdit ,

All filler, no thriller

I know that “JP Delaney” is a pseudonym for an author that’s written many bestsellers, and I know that this book is a rewrite of a novel from many years ago that failed to sell. But sometimes you just have to admit that they can’t all be winners.

An interesting, but cliche, premise slapped on top of a non-suspenseful psychological thriller, is not a recipe for success.

Ultimately, this book was pretty boring. Roughly 60% of it felt like filler (pointless scenes to fill the gaps between the scenes that actually mattered in an attempt to extend the book to more traditional length). Even then, it is still a very short book. And given its short length combined with the popularity of The Girl Before, I’m anticipating this book to be grossly overpriced.

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