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A gruesome crime. A vicious predator. And a detective on the verge of losing everything. 

"Creepy and haunting...a fully immersive thriller."

~NY Times bestselling author Andra Watkins

"Riveting, horrifying, and devastating, Hidden is a book you will not soon forget."

~Kristen Mae, bestselling author of Red Water


Detective Edward Petrosky has always felt the pain of the world like a razor blade in his gut, even more so when he considers the killers who have escaped conviction. But he can't let that stop him, not after a grandmother is found murdered on her front lawn, the victim of some machete-wielding psycho. 

The case is strange from the outset: no one heard a thing despite the public nature of the crime. An unknown child's footprints cover the property without a trace of the kid. And a grisly discovery in the basement has the entire police force stunned. Nothing makes sense. Whatever secrets their victim had, she'd taken them, quietly, to her grave. 

But when another woman's corpse turns up with a familiar brand on her ribcage, Petrosky realizes the horrible truth: a killer he'd thought was long gone from Ash Park has remained, lurking in their midst. And who knows how many victims this butcher has collected? For those he's kidnapped, any day might be their last, imprisoned, unseen, with only their screams and a deranged lunatic for company.

Now Petrosky must risk everything he holds sacred to track the most sadistic killer Ash Park has ever seen, a man whose thirst for carnage extends far beyond mere bloodletting. But saving innocent lives will require an unbearable sacrifice. 

One from which he may never recover.

Hidden is the emotional fourth book in the hair-raising Ash Park series. If you like Blake Crouch, Dean Koontz, or Paula Hawkins, you’ll love Ash Park. 

Mysteries & Thrillers
May 17
Pygmalion Publishing
Pygmalion Publishing

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kirchersmiles ,


Hidden: An Ash Park Novel (Volume 4) by Meghan O’Flynn

5 Stars


OMG what a book...This is my second story by this author and it was AMAZING!! I don't know why I started with the 4th book in this series, its a mystery I'll never understand but one that I will fix as soon as possible. I wish I'd have read the others but it did not take away at all from this story, I was never lost and enjoyed every single word and that ending…. Yea will be reading the next one as quick as I can get my hands on it, then I'll go back to Book 1 and start all over lol

I literally could see every scene happening, some of them of course gave me chills and I wish I couldn't see it but this no doubt could be on a big screen. I literally could see this being made into a motion picture and would be surprised if the author has not heard that before.

The flow was simply perfect and every word relevant and Im not going into any details because it will ruin it for anyone else that wants to pick this book up...I will say that I loved loved loved Petrosky, he was literally a jerk through most of the story but the kind of jerk you can't help but love.

I can not wait to read the next, and I can not wait to read more of this author's work..The first book I read by her was more of a horror story and although this book had a lot of horrible things in it, it is now on my list as one of the best written books I've read this year.

There are some big name authors out there that have major best selling books in this genre and yes I've enjoyed those as well...But they have nothing on the writing talent of this author.

Loved It!!

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