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Historical fiction, martial arts and romance unite in this epic story of intrigue, good and evil, ancient prophecies and justice.

Believing his father was responsible for the death of his mom, Cage's anger turns to fury when his father disappears. Faced with being a ward of the state or finding him, Cage starts with nothing except a backpack of his father's items. One artifact opens a time travel portal, and Cage is transported to the Forbidden City of medieval China, taking his sister with him. Captured by the fourteen-year-old Ming Emperor, Cage uses his wits and martial arts skills to fight his way to lead the elite forces. Entrusted with the safety of the Emperor, Cage accompanies him to the Jade Palace, thwarting an internal assassination plot while being framed by the Minister of War. Taken by the Admiral of the Fleet for execution, Cage unwittingly unleashes his powers of raising the dead and commanding the seas. Even after saving the Admiral, Cage is imprisoned as the Minister of War focuses on gaining what Cage has: innate powers used to alter history and change the course of human events.

Out of time and options, Cage is aided by his one-time adversary and would-be killer to delay the inevitable invasion of the Forbidden City. Eventually captured, Cage and his father are tortured, rescued by his first love, a woman he can save, but not without tremendous sacrifice. A week from adulthood, death and sacrifice meet to transform a reckless, angry teenager to a man who will change the face of the world.

"Sarah masterfully weaves the major and minor storylines with real, historical characters that literally changed the face of China alongside her unique, fascinating and multi-dimensional, fictional characters," said Foster. "In this first installment, she takes the time necessary to establish the foundation for a saga. It's great book and we're going to make a great movie franchise out of it."

—Lucas Foster, Warp Entertainment, producer of films including Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Law Abiding Citizen, Bad Boys, Jumper, Man on Fire, Crimson Tide.

Fiction & Literature
December 1
RPM Publishing
Draft2Digital, LLC

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