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When Rayne finds out she's pregnant with her second baby it comes right on the heel of her mate leaving her. Now she's on her own and has no time to be happy…with her emotions rolling out of control she thought things couldn't get worse. Not until she imprints with her boss, Zac. Rayne hopes to catch a small break but the man she's meant to be with has his own hesitations on becoming an alpha dad. She must be strong for her little girl, Annmarie, and her unborn child. No matter how bad things get. When Annmarie goes missing she's ready to tear apart the whole city to find her. With or without Zac at her side.

Nothing, absolutely nothing, will stop her from protecting her kids even if it breaks her heart.

Zac has forced himself to keep his distance from Rayne for two long years but now that's no longer an issue when they imprint at the grocery store…he's not sure who's more shocked. Him or Rayne. But completing the bond will make him a father to another man's daughter and add to that…Rayne is pregnant. He's not sure if he's ready for everything; two kids and neither of them are his. Then things go to hell like a -bad shift when Rayne's daughter goes missing and he suddenly feels as if a piece of him clicks into place. Can he and Rayne face their problems together? Or will they crash and burn in the face of such immense trials?

He'll be faced with challenges he never thought possible all because of the woman he loves.

October 10
McKayla Schutt
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Tamara Kasyan ,

An Emotional Ride

Second book in the series and can be read as a standalone, but it will be much more enjoyable if you've read the first book. Rayne tried her hardest to make life work with the father of her child despite them not being true mates, but just like her father her partner left her too. And then she discovers she's pregnant. Her emotional roller coaster isn't helped by her wolf pushing her to find out if her boss Zac is her true mate. When danger finds her and her daughter, Zac steps up to the plate despite his reservations on raising 2 kids that aren't his own. This book was an emotion packed tale peppered with action, suspense, and romance as more is discovered about the hunters attacking wolves and kidnapping cubs. Before these two strong-willed characters find their HEA they must first trust in love, fate, and each other.

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