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"How are you?"

"Suck it," she told the monitor. But part of her tingled.


"When are we going to meet?"

Her heart leapt, but she scowled. Even knowing it was a bad idea, she typed, "AS IF."

"Don't be like that, a rứnsearc. You know you want to."

Damn him. She didn't have time for this. There were files to download.

People to manipulate. Men to kill.


Honor Genovese, AKA Aequitas, is number eight on the FBI's Most Wanted List.  A hacker extraordinaire, Honor lives to destroy those who destroy others. Ever since the murder of her family and the kidnapping of her sister Hannah, Honor has worked tirelessly to unmask and obliterate the predators of the world, and to find the sister stolen from her. But when she suddenly discovers Hannah on the other side of the world, Honor must leave the safe, insulated realm she has built and dare to reach out to the man who hunts her.

Cian Lazarus, former merc and renowned security specialist, has spent years tracking and tracing the identity of the elusive hacker Aequitas, but the woman he's discovered is far more than he ever expected. Now he spends his days challenging her, enticing her, daring her to respond to the alluring pull and the inexorable history between them. When Aequitas finally—reluctantly—reaches out to him for help, it is everything Cian has been waiting for.

Honor wants only to save her sister.  But Cian is determined to unmask and claim the woman he's spent years chasing. And neither is prepared for the reality which awaits them, or the consequences of the truth that will ultimately define them…

A dark, edgy, steamy thriller with captivating characters you won't forget...contemporary romantic suspense at its best.

◆◆◆Aequitas is a Novella which includes characters first introduced in The Getaway, but can be read as a stand-alone work. It also includes excerpts of Hope Anika's novels The Getaway, The Bequest, In Plain Sight and Evolution: Awakening.◆◆◆




"A wonderful read and escape."


"Anika doesn't disappoint."

November 20
Hope Anika
Draft2Digital, LLC

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