Blue Prometheus Series—Books 1-3

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The Blue Prometheus Series is now available in a single boxed set. Enjoy this tale of magic and adventure on a distant planet…

Blue Prometheus

Thomas Brand's rational view of the universe is challenged when a sailing ship lands on Clapton Pond during the London riots. The strange alien crew disturbs him and his friend, Lucy Thomson, but the message the ship's captain gives them is stranger.

They must choose whether to travel to a distant planet to complete a task that would change the destiny of its inhabitants and affect life throughout the universe. And it would change their lives forever.

On that remote planet a young woman awaits them. She is one of only two humans with a knowledge of the wild magic of Blue Prometheus and the intelligent species that live hidden in its great primeval forests. The other she seeks to kill.

She will be their guide.

Lucy must develop the courage to use her power.

But for Thomas to save his friends, and much more, he must first believe in the possibility of the magic his rational mind rejects.

The Darkling Odyssey

Thomas Brand is imprisoned in darkness, deep beneath the surface of Prometheus. When Aina died to save his life, so did the magic and hope within him.

But when a fiery creature visits him in the night, telling him that Aina lives, and demanding that he descend to the centre of the planet to where she waits—and to take the magic Fire—Thomas begins to question his beliefs of life and death.

The discovery that his friend, Lucy, might still be alive, and the arrival of dark sorcerers intent on killing them, forces him to attempt escape, and to consider the dangerous journey to the centre of Prometheus to find the Fire and discover the answer to his question.

Could Aina really be alive?

Fire Rising

Would you use a magic that threatened to kill you? One that burnt you so badly that strangers became afraid?

Thomas and Lucy must make this choice if they wish to save the lives of those they love.

And, for Thomas, it is his only hope of finding alive the woman who died in his arms. To his friend's concern, and fear of madness, Thomas refuses to give up the hope that Aina will be reborn.

Meanwhile, the Empire believes it has total control of the planet of Prometheus.

No other planet has provided such a rich and vibrant nature, one that is now fully open for exploitation. The Emperor himself has journeyed to this remote planet to celebrate the final forward movement as man conquers nature.

But hidden deep within the ancient forest, there are forces that would resist. Thomas and Lucy fight with them.

The war between species is about to begin.

Can magic overcome the advanced technology of an expansionist empire?

And can the woman who died sacrificing her life for Thomas really be reborn?

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
January 16
Orange Log Publishing
Draft2Digital, LLC

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