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Book One: Secret Billionaire's Stubborn Cowgirl

Zach Collins needed a break from the stress of his billion-dollar business and the stream of women eager to get their hands on his money. But when he set his sights on a simple country farm, he wasn't prepared to be working side by side with a firecracker like Lucy Ennis. She's stubborn, spirited and undeniably sexy, but as time goes by Zach can tell that her smiling eyes are hiding something. And while he's not willing to share his own secret, he's determined to unravel hers.

Lucy Ennis works hard to make ends meet. With a mountain of gambling debt left by her dead father and her mother in a nursing home she doesn't need any more trouble. So when she loses her job, she jumps at the chance to work at a farm being leased by a handsome stranger. With a Stetson hat atop bright blue eyes and chiseled abs, the man certainly comes in a sexy package, but he's also arrogant, inflexible, and doesn't seem to know much about farming. Despite her own problems piling up, Lucy can't help being drawn to the mystery man.

Book Two: Secret Billionaire's Stormy Lover

Karen Whitaker promised herself she'd never trust another man. So when a castaway shows up at her island hotel claiming to be a hotshot billionaire, she's not falling for it. She's caught off guard by his good looks, muscular build, and natural charm, but with no way to pay, he'll have to work for his room & board.

When billionaire businessman Mike Collins set out to buy a piece of paradise, he never dreamed a storm would leave him shipwrecked on the tiny island. With no money and no way of communicating with the outside world, he's at the mercy of the hotel's owner—a beautiful, petite blonde with a stubborn streak a mile wide. He's not afraid of working hard to put the hotel back together, but as their passion ignites, he worries what will happen if he reveals the truth about why he came.

Book Three: Secret Billionaire's Frosty Lover

A near-death experience is the ultimate wake-up call for workaholic billionaire Dominic McCarthy. He needs to reassess his options, and where better to do his soul-searching than a remote ski lodge? He wasn't expecting to find the fiery-haired beauty who owns the place, but it's clear she has nothing but hatred for people with money. So why can't he stop thinking about her?

Paris Dylan, free-spirited ski lodge owner, has a vision--and it definitely does not include the rich visitors she's had in the past. When she shares her plan with her new guest—a man with sinful good looks and lethal charm—he insists it will never work. He claims to know about business, but Paris doesn't care about money. She'll create the ultimate mountain retreat and never have to deal with another wealthy, arrogant person again. She may be tempted by the handsome stranger, but she's determined to make her dream come true with or without him.

Now Dominic is determined to melt the ice around her heart and he never backs down from a challenge. The unlikely couple's connection continues to grow, but the truth is bound to come out about Dominic's billions. Can Paris ever overcome her feelings about the rich, or will money forever come between them?

July 15
Relay Publishing
Draft2Digital, LLC

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