Flame to Frost

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Back by popular demand, the infamous cult classic has returned in its original glory! Complete with bonus scenes, this chart-topping fan favorite is available for purchase for the first time!

Sheltered in the lap of luxury, Mila is eighteen when her world dissolves in flames around her.


A utopia swallowed in a single night.

Orphaned and alone, terrified of being captured, Mila flees the conquerors who have come to claim. To snatch up those gifted few called priestess―Tritan women born with magic in their blood. They are healers. Peacekeepers bound and chained, used as living batteries, they become the fuel that feeds the Caledonian army and creates unstoppable warriors.

The elite.

Warmongers. Dogs of the state, they are the perfect soldiers―everything a Tritan priestess isn't, wielding power that does not belong to them.

But Mila is an enigma. A priestess hidden from her own people, hers is a secret her father died to keep. One Mila will use to fight from the shadows, striking against the empire in any way she can. An army of one, with the power of many...

Until she is betrayed.



To Captain Asher Rawlings.

Captor. Villain. Elite. Even without a priestess of his own, Asher's power lashes at her senses. Dark flames lapping at her nape, whispering of untapped potential Mila didn't think possible.

Helpless, subject to Asher's every whim, Mila is made to obey his every sordid command. Left with nothing but her secret.

That she is a Tritan priestess―the one thing he needs to seize a legendary power that could tip the scales of the war and ensure an everlasting Caledonian rule.

Now Mila must navigate a world of villains and political conspiracy, endure anything Asher throws her way, and above all else... never reveal what she is.

The Last Tritan is perfect for fans of the Grishaverse. Those who fell completely in love with the Darkling―a smoldering villain we wanted to see win...

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
June 4
Myra Danvers
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

marycake22 ,

Fierce and Independent Priestess

Determined to maintain her freedom from those searching to use her powers against her, Mila flees her family and home in one last desperate bid for independence. Leaving a life of safety and luxury, Mila learns how to survive in the vast wilderness and how to harness her goddess given abilities - until she is captured by mercenaries preying on her feelings of vengeance. Enter Captain Asher Rawlings, an elite solider of the Caledonian forces determined to break Mila for his own depraved whims. But Mila does not make it easy for him.

A fierce and independent priestess. A dangerous and dominant soldier. Mila and Asher embark on a journey that is sure to fundamentally change not only them, but possibly the fate of their nations.

Deb 741 ,


I love Myra Danvers far out writing style and this one is no different. My only negative is that it was way too short. I consumed this book so fast that hours had past and I did not even know it.

This book is about Caledonians and Tritans. Caledonians are strong brutes who attack them for their abundant resources, especially their priestesses. The priestesses of Tritan can feel energy from every organic thing around them and they are also sought-after healers which could make a Caledonian Elite practically unstoppable. Since the takeover priestesses are rare and Mila is one of them. Mila is a Titan Priestess who escapes during the raids and hides out among the trees freeing slaves when possible. However, a betrayal gets her caught and auctioned off to an Elite, Lord Rawlings.

Lord Rawlings is an Elite who bought Mila at a slave auction to train her to be a pleasure slave; however, he eventually finds out her secret, when that happens, there is only possessiveness and desire and that is when Mila knows that her days of freedom has come to an end.

And, right during the good part…. to be continued. So looking forward to the next book in this series.

I have received this book from Booksprout, and this is my honest review.

Vickory6 ,

Really enjoyed this fantasy/sci-fi enemies-to-lovers series starter

I really enjoyed the characters in this series starter and the created world with the Caledonians taking over, well, everything and everyone really, but in particular stealing gifted priestesses from Tritan to combine powers (in a way and for what exactly that will do is still mostly unclear to me). Mila (a young, untrained Tritan priestess) escaped into the forest at the time of the original invasion and this part is mostly told, with time jumps, but you get the gist that she is strong, resourceful and scrappy before she is captured. There could definitely be more in terms of world-building and just scenes in general, but I was kind of in the mood for something easier to read and there is enough for you to understand the dynamics at play. The main male character is very charismatic and you can definitely feel the chemistry between these two. I am excited to read their relationship development, especially from how it ends in this first part. The story is fast, and short (it took me one hour and forty minutes to read) and definitely not a complete story - it has the feel of about one-third of a full book and I definitely wish I could just finish the story all in one go, but it gives me something to look forward to at the same time. This was my first book by this author and I see she has several other books published so I will definitely check those out while I wait for part two of this story.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

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