Groomed to Perfection

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In just one night, she stole his jacket…and his heart.

Shy baker Emilie Michels never thought she'd meet her Prince Charming. Especially not at an event she's working at. But when a handsome stranger finds her hiding in a corner and strikes up a conversation, she can't help but be drawn in. Unfortunately, duty calls and she's forced to flee, leaving the man of her dreams behind. All she has to remember that night is his first name and the suit jacket he gave her to stay warm.

Family has always come first for the Vandergrifts. It doesn't matter what Cooper might want out of his life, his parents have had a plan for him since the day he was born. His mother even has his wedding all planned out, despite the fact that there's no bride in the picture. But when Cooper walks into the Meet Me at the Altar offices for a cake tasting and finds himself face to face with the woman he met at a party all those months ago, he thinks it might be time to finally have a say in his love life.

Cooper had resigned himself to a life that would be all about family obligations, but just a few hours with Emilie have him convinced that maybe he could be something else. It's just a matter of deciding whose happiness matters more: his family's or his own.

May 10
Samantha Chase
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Cheryl33610 ,

4 stars

I had high hopes for Cooper and Emilie after their interesting meet-cute. Their opposite side of the spectrum relationship plays a bit like Cinderella, where there’s a wicked…in this case mother of the hero…witch to overcome.
But I never fully got into either character enough to cheer for them. While the destination ends in a HEA, their journey was plagued by a man in his 30’s who can’t stand up for himself and a woman who can stand up for herself, but gives the hero too much slack to fight for her.
While the storytelling, the character growth and, frankly, my love for the author, deserve the 4 star rating I gave it, it’s not anywhere near my favorites in my Samantha Chase catalog. Maybe the controlling, harpy mother (in-law) hits a bit too close for this reader.

Lelim ,


BRAVO MS. CHASE!!! Groomed to Perfection is in my opinion utter perfection!!!

Groomed to Perfection is the 5th book is Ms. Chase’s Meet Me at the Altar series. I have read and loved every book is this series, but is book, Groomed to Perfection, well it is just perfect!!! Emilie and Cooper just took a hold of my heart and would not let go. I started this book as soon as it hit my Kindle and could not put it down until I finished it!! It was just that great.
I really liked all of the characters is this book… yeah, nope, I cannot tell a lie. I hated Cooper’s (cough, cough) witch of a mother!! I REALLY wanted to punch her, several times in fact!! Just thinking about her right now is raising my blood pressure.

Emilie is the perfect woman for Cooper. She is her own person, determined to make it on her own merits. She is not one of those greedy socialites that Cooper’s mother (look in the mirror “mother”!!!) is trying to chain him to. Now, on to Cooper. Cooper, Cooper, what can I say. GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR REAR QUARTER AND OPEN YOUR EYES!!! Quit being so loyal to your “mother’s” standards!! LIVE for YOU!!! I absolutely LOVED seeing Cooper finally waking up!!

Last few thoughts:

1. The slap

2. Frosting


3. Officer and a Gentleman (What??? You say?) Read the book you will understand!!

4. OH, and I still HATE that, errrr WITCH!!!

I SOOOOOO loved this book. I really think it is my favorite of the series so far.

Because of my love of romance books, and my love of reading them, I was gifted with a copy of this fantastic book for my opinions and thoughts of the book.

My honest to God opinions are, if you love to read romance, this book is definitely for you. Go hit that purchase button from your favorite retailer you will not be sorry.

I can’t wait for the Audible to come out, I loved this book so much I will definitely be purchasing it as soon as it does!!!

Thank you for reading my review. Have a great day, and happy reading!!!

BBQ griller ,

The Baker and the Billionaire Fall in Love

I absolutely loved Groomed to Perfection! Samantha Chase has once again delivered another wonderful romance in Groomed to Perfection, the fifth book in her Meet Me at the Altar series. I love that Samantha Chase continues to write the books that I LOVE to read. Samantha Chase has once again provided her readers with amazing characters. Each book in this series keeps getting better, but I think that Groomed to Perfection is my favorite, because Emilie and Cooper faced challenges with their love story. I love how all the characters in Groomed to Perfection feel like best friends! Who does not love hot sexy men, strong, passionate females, and loving friends, who always support one another? I love how Samantha Chase somehow, she manages to find the "perfect" heroine, who is a strong woman on her own, to balance out the sexy man. Samantha Chase continues to deliver all that and so much more. I really enjoyed Groomed to Perfection and am so happy that Samantha Chase decided to write more books in the Meet Me at the Altar series. I have read other books by Samantha Chase and have always enjoyed her wonderfully written love stories. Samantha Chase has once again shown that she is an amazing storyteller. Groomed to Perfection did not disappoint; I can truly say, that Groomed to Perfection is an incredible love story, which filled me with a rollercoaster of emotions I could not put it down and loved every moment on every page. One of my favorite parts is how Samantha Chase incorporated the title of the book into the love story. I enjoy how Samantha Chase writes from the perspective of the main characters. That way you get to know what is going on in each of their minds. Groomed to Perfection is a wonderful love story and is filled with heartbreaking and heartwarming moments. My favorite moments in Groomed to Perfection are the lighter moments where I found myself smiling and laughing out loud. I also love the parts that pull at my heartstrings and cause me to sigh, as I read the heartbreaking moments. Groomed to Perfection be filled with such moments, and with so much more. It is filled with all those things that we have come to love and expect in a Samantha Chase love story, especially the poignant and bittersweet moments that filled this page turner. Who does not love a love at first sight and opposites attracts love story? Groomed to Perfection is the story of Emilie Michels, baker, for Meet Me at the Altar Wedding Services, and Alastair Cooper Vandergrift, heir apparent of Vandergrift Industries. Emilie and Cooper meet at Cooper’s cousin, Felix’s wedding, where Emilie is hiding in a corner observing the Cinderella-like wedding. Weeks later they meet again in the Meet Me at the Altar tasting room, for a cake testing for Cooper’s brother, Beau, Beau’s fiancé, Kim, his parents Evelyn, and Arthur are also in attendance. Evelyn has hired Meet Me at the Altar to plan Beau and Kim’s wedding as well as Alastair’s and his unknown bride. Cooper orders a peanut butter cup cake for Kim’s birthday, Kim’s favorite from the tasting. When Cooper picks up the cake, he invites Emilie for coffee. Things slowly begin to change between the two of them. Emilie and Cooper spend more time with one another and agree to secretly date for a month. Emilie and Cooper both know that Emilie would not be his mother, Evelyn’s choice for a bride for him. Conversation between Emilie and Cooper flows so easily As Emilie and Cooper continue to spend time together, their feelings for each other change. A surprise plot twist happens, and this changes everything between them. I love Cooper conversations with his father, Arthur and Emilie’s grandmother seeking advice on his life and how to get Emilie back. I love that Xander was willing to help Cooper get back together with Emilie. I love how Cooper tells Emilie that one day when she is ready, he will marry her, and I love Emilie’s response. I love the chemistry between Emilie and Cooper. I love how Emilie stands up for herself with Cooper’s mother. I love that with Cooper’s help, Emilie approaches Josie, Skylar, and Lea about her dream of owning a bakery, and how they are willing to make that dream come true. I love how Emilie and Cooper show their vulnerable sides, where Cooper admits that he does not want to take over for his father and lead Vandergrift Industries. I love that during their heart-to-heart, Cooper apologizes to Emilie and confesses how he really feels about her. I love Emilie’s relationship with Josie, Lea, Skye, and Emilie, and Cooper’s new relationship with Elliott, Daniel, Xander, and Knox, it feels like a real friendship, and I love how they always love, support, and have each other’s backs. I enjoyed catching up with Josie, Lea, and Skye, it felt like a get together with best friends. I love that Cooper approaches his father about living his dream. Groomed to Perfection contains all the things that I have come to love most and expect in a Samantha Chase story, romance, great characters and setting, bittersweet moments and the plot twist that ties it all together. Amazing story. I could not put it down. Highly recommend this wonderful romance. I love how Samantha Chase identified the next couple; I cannot wait to read it!

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