Waterspell: The Complete Series (Boxed Set: Books 1-4‪)‬

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WATERSPELL: The Complete Series

Making a place for yourself in a world where you don’t belong takes courage. So does moving in with a warlock. Especially one who is a cauldron of seething anger on his worst days … half mad on his best … who is thinking, perhaps, of killing you. And you can almost understand why he would do it. But you’ll fight to stay alive. Because maybe … just maybe … you’ve found the place where you belong: On his world, in his magic, saving the warlock from himself.

WATERSPELL: The Complete Series (Boxed Set: Books 1-4) tells the story of the lost traveler, Carin, who is drawn into the schemes of a hot-tempered, emotionally damaged wizard. Does he view her as nothing more than an expendable weapon in his fight to save his world from lethal alien plagues? Or will Lord Verek find himself wavering, when it comes time to dispose of his fiery water-sylph?

Praise for the Books of Waterspell:

“An impressively immersive quality in Deborah J. Lightfoot’s writing draws you in and keeps you there as the pages turn … engaging the enduring interest and sympathy of the reader as they follow the twists and turns of the plot. Lightfoot creates a detailed and convincing world in which to set her story.” —Martin Dukes

“First off there’s the writing itself, the quality of the prose, the effortless way that Lightfoot sets the stage and calls the shots, with none of the ponderous, overblown verbiage that weighs down so much high fantasy. Then there are the characters, each determined to leap off the page. But what most sets this book apart is its wild premise, an inspired bit of imagination.” —Brian T. Marshall

“An extremely well written fantasy story … flows well with a very readable style that holds your interest throughout. The world building is solid and intriguing, the magical aspects well drawn and versatile and characterisation is energetic so that you are immediately invested in their future. All in all a marvellous addition to the fantasy genre and I would recommend it for lovers of magical mystical tales.” —Liz Wilkins

“Waterspell blew my expectations out of the ballpark. What a brilliant and unforgettable story! I devoured it … literally consumed by the originality and depth Deborah brings to her characters. She provides a strong balance between action, adventure, fantasy, and romance and Carin’s combination of pride and vulnerability make her a fabulous character! Quite frankly, I am just astounded by the emotions this book stirred in me. It is simply extraordinary.” —Lady Vigilante

“If you like epic fantasy that sweeps you to amazing, immersive worlds and while following intriguing characters, be sure to add this series to your to-read list.” —Once Upon a YA Book

“The story just keeps getting bigger and bigger.” —Book Briefs

Book 1: The Warlock
Book 2: The Wysard
Book 3: The Wisewoman
Book 4: The Witch

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
April 21
Seven Rivers Publishing
Draft2Digital, LLC

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