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This isn't me. This is the fat that surrounds me.

But when you're staring in the mirror and you've just split your largest pair of fat-pants, it's kinda hard to believe that.

Jennifer Carpenter's life is falling to pieces. She's out of work. Her brother's in a coma. Her mom just died. And despite stellar qualifications, every job interview ends in rejection.

She's miserable.

And she's ready for change.

Lost in a world of pain and confusion, Jenn devotes herself to the one thing she can control: Lose the weight, by any means possible.

Messy and real.

Beautiful and harsh.

Skinny Me is full of relatable human struggles from start to finish; a story you'll find yourself nodding your head at, thinking, I've been there, or I know someone who has.

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Have you ever stood in front of the mirror, not liking what you see?

If so, you know it's not easy. You know what a struggle it is to feel accepted, just as you are.

You also know how easy it is to fall into a mental trap, thinking, If only I were thin enough, or pretty enough, or <insert desire> enough, then I would be enough.

Jennifer's in that prison of her own creation.

And so, after years of feeling like the world treats obesity as a visible character defect, she's convinced herself if she can just lose the weight, her life will change.

Jennifer's not perfect. Not even close. At times, you may want to hit her across the face with a 2x4, she'll make you that angry.

But you may also want to hug her.

'Cause you'll realize she's hurting. You'll understand her. Root for her. Want to see her do better, be better, grow.

That growth, it's not always pretty. At times it's downright ugly. And this novel doesn't sugar-coat the ugly. It's raw. It looks at realistic characters in uncomfortable situations.

And you may not like that.

That's okay. Your time is precious.

And honestly, this may not be the book for you.

But if it is …

It'll capture your mind and your heart, as you binge-read, chapter after chapter.

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This read won't take you days. It's fast and easy. Fascinating. And decidedly memorable.

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"This story hit me in the gut. A definite must read!" - Sarah M, Amazon Reviewer

"This book hits the heart deeply. I loved every page." - Fawn K, Amazon Reviewer

"I cried and laughed and hated for the story to end…I couldn't put it down!" - Bre, Amazon Reviewer

"It's like the author looked right into my soul." - Jolie Carter, Google Reviewer

"I loved this book …Carr's writing is solid and the characters were captivating." – Jennilovesbooks, Amazon Reviewer

"Charlene Carr is the Canadian Jodi Picoult!" - Amazon Reviewer

"This is one of those books that stays with you LONG after you've read it. Truly thought provoking and inspiring." – K. Brown, Amazon Reviewer


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November 13
Coastal Lines
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Customer Reviews

Eliemay818 ,

Skinny Me

An incredible story!

14bib ,

I made it to page 285

I almost finished this book but near the end I just couldn’t keep going. At the beginning I really liked this book it was so relatable. I’ve tried the diets and felt that need to be skinny and perfect but, really!! Once she started dropping weight and the Matt obsession started it was incredibly annoying. Also if I am going to describe the main character it would be that she is a superficial judgmental self obsessed b*tch. I think everyone’s felt self conscious and confused about their looks at one time or another but this girl completely ignores the fact that everyone has problems. She acts as if every single person sees her as a fat person even when it clearly obvious they aren’t. Not only that but she is completely blind and unsympathetic towards everyone else’s problems. To be honest I just couldn't read anymore the protagonist is so self involved and while I should have finished the whole novel before writing this I cant stomach another page.

Blacgold ,


I rarely take the time to write reviews but this one deserved it. For me Jennifer's journey was poignant and real. There was no attempt to make her the perfect heroine who always managed to do the right thing at the right time and get her fairy tale ending. Instead she could have been my neighbor or a girl I knew from school or someone I met on the street. Thousands of women go through similar struggles every day with similar responses. This was a good read that made me look into myself and evaluate.

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