Publisher Description

This anthology aims to be a showcase of recent indie writing.

Hugh Howey launched the idea on Kboards, a forum for Kindle readers, but also the meeting place of an active community of indie writers.

The result is this anthology of 101 very short stories by 101 authors.

To make it more attractive for you, the reader, we set ourselves a limit of a thousand words. You should be able to read each story in under five minutes — on your desktop computer, laptop, or tablet at home or in the office, but also on your smartphone, on the go, while you are commuting or waiting at a coffee shop for your significant other to arrive.

We included as many genres as we could. We hope that maybe, with only five minutes of your time on the line that would otherwise be wasted anyway, you'll be tempted to venture outside your comfort zone and try out some new genres and new authors.

Fiction & Literature
December 15
Andrew Ashling
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews


Four that I genuinely liked

I kept score throughout the whole thing, just to see whether or not it was worth my time. 34 of them were half-decent. Four were quite good. Hugh Howey, MeiLin Miranda, Bob Summer, and Peter J. Michaels, excellent work.

Probably the worst one—there were dozens of mediocre-at-best, but the absolute worst—was John L. Molk’s edgy vampire/attempted humor/satanic/furry(?) atrocity. “Nice body, m’lady,” was the line that made me question my sanity. Perhaps it was written as some sort of cruel avant-garde psychological horror.

Overall, there are perhaps forty witch/vampire/werewolf stories. A very small minority were written well. An edition of 71 short stories, without this genre, would have been just fine.

On the whole, 4% of the content was good. Editing was absolutely minimal—syntax errors, poor formatting, and bad stories abound. Skip to the aforementioned stories, and you will get far more out of this, even by reading less.

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