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Someone hadn't scarred my face.
I hadn’t followed my dreams to LA.
That tweaker hadn't attacked that homeless guy.
I hadn't invited a stranger over for Thanksgiving.
I hadn’t fallen in love.

If I hadn’t lost him.
I hadn’t gone for that drive.
I saw the world like everyone else.
My “genius” wasn’t slowly destroying me.
I had just walked away before I could ever know her.
She hadn’t ignited the spark.

If the spark didn’t ignite the madness.

***This is a new adult/contemporary romance. NOT erotica. Standalone novel.***

March 15
Nina G. Jones
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

CSingh84 ,

Uplifting and Inspiring!

I've never read a book by Nina G. Jones (N.G. Jones) before. After finishing this book, I'm wondering what other amazing stories I've missed out on and I'm so glad I finally found out. If is a beautiful tale of two people who find the connection they need in one another to be the best versions of themselves, but it's not that simple.

I have to say If captured my attention from the very first page and held it through the last one. I wasn't sure what the story was about but it quickly became clear this it was going to be outstanding. My first introduction to Ash raised some questions but his initial interaction with Bird cleared up any misunderstanding I had. What a first meeting! It was thrilling, terrifying, and exciting in a way. Bird's audacity and bravery really impressed me. She stepped up to save Ash and when the tables turned Ash saved Bird.

I loved Ash and Bird. Bird was so beautiful, both inside and out. I could feel her pain at her struggle to make it in a superficial place like L.A. She poured her soul into her dancing and to be let down because of physical imperfections rather than her talent was disheartening. I loved how she never gave up. She kept trying to achieve her dream. I loved Ash because even though he was hurting and filled with self loathing from his past, his capacity to love was greater than he ever imagined. It was greater than even I could imagine. These two beautiful souls together were such a treat to read about. I felt like I was reading an epic love story with high highs and the low lows, but it was a journey the two had to take.

My emotions were fully engaged while I read this book. I laughed and cried and was angry and every where in between. There's something about this book that pulls you in, and I do mean all the way in. You can't but feel everything the characters are feeling. Part of this was because the story was told from both their view points. Another was due to the set up of the story itself. The writing was descriptive and a treat to read. I could easily visualize Ash's paintings and Bird's steps. It added another layer of depth to the story. Then there were the plot twists. Some of them I saw coming and others I didn't. Even knowing what was around the corner somehow faded away as I read and immersed myself in the story. I loved how Bird had friends to provide with love and support. Jordan and Trevor loved her and she knew it. They knew she loved them too. I loved how Ash's family cared for him, even when he felt like he didn't deserve it.

N.G. Jones really did her research while writing this book and it shows in the depth of detail she has included in the book. I somehow feel like I've given too much away while not saying enough. I've really struggled to write this review, not because of the content of the book, but because finding the right words to describe and match the feelings and emotions it evoked in me is difficult. If you're like me and love a story that uplifts and inspires while engaging you mentally and emotionally, If should be the next book you read.

angieh80 ,


This is yet another winner for Ms. Jones. I cannot explain enough how amazing her writing is. If is an emotional story, a beautiful story, a true life story. If deals with mental illness as well as major self consciousness, both of which are super close to my heart & my life, so maybe it touched a little more deeply for me personally, but I loved every second of it. Nina never falls short of pulling me into her writing and making me adore each book more than the last. Bird & Ash are no different!! They are amazing characters that will not let go of your heart strings long after you have finished the story. If was not an erotica, which I have come to love from Nina, cause man, she can write some super hot erotic scenes, and I do have to admit, I missed that, even it there had just been a few parts, but that takes nothing away from this sensational & touching love story!!! Don't pass this up!!

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