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I’ve got a secret. 

No one knows how I blow off steam, and that’s how I like it. Most of the time, I’m happy just being part of a big family in a small town. And those times I need to get away are mine and mine alone. 

My secret stays safe until I meet her – the woman who simultaneously pisses me off and turns me on. She seems like a wallflower at first, but it turns out there’s a lot more to her than I realized. Despite her hidden strength, she has a vulnerability I can’t resist. 

As we open up to each other, I realize she’s starting to mean everything to me. She doesn’t feel the same way, but that won’t stop me from doing whatever it takes to keep her safe – even if it means exposing my secret to her. I’m in way over my head, and all I can hope is that someday, she’ll feel the same way about me.

July 10
Silver Sky Publishing, Inc.
Brenda Bowen

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I Am In Deep With the Lockhart Brothers

Not only is Mason Lockhart the brilliant and successful owner of his own tech firm, he is also the epitome of the strong alpha male. Sexy and smart, he knows what he wants, and isn't afraid to go for it. And April Byerly is NOT what Mason wants, he's sure of it. Or is he...?

Brenda Rothert is one of my go-to authors. Her books are always guaranteed to be full of heart, and to have characters and stories that touch me. After having met both Mason and April in DEEP DOWN, the first book in the Lockhart Brother series, I was excited to see that they would be getting their own story. Mason is deliciously alpha. He's happy playing the field, dating women that he wouldn't take home to meet his parents. He seems to have everything under control, but is harboring a secret that he hasn't shared with anyone except a few others. April, who has come to Lovely to run the home for unwed mothers opened by Ivy and Reed Lockhart, is not the type of woman that Mason usually goes for. It isn't long, though, before they find themselves drawn to each other, and down the path that neither one anticipated (HINT: It involves dirty-talking, late night texts, and using a library for other than its intended purpose... ;-)).

My only issue is that things proceeded so quickly, especially in the relationship between Mason and April. While I could see why Mason would fall for April, it was just so dramatically sudden that I was a bit surprised, and this is the only thing that keeps me from giving the book less than 5 stars. I am more than happy to suspend any disbelief, though, because I absolutely love all of the characters in IN DEEP, and the storyline as well (Miss Dee Dee and Kyle are two of my favorites, and I could not be happier to know that Kyle will be getting his own story very soon.). I am really enjoying this new series from Brenda. IN DEEP gets 4.5 stars from me; grab this one and enjoy.

*** ARC graciously provided for an honest review. ***

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