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On a beautiful sunny morning, Annie’s mum asks her to show Colin and Johnny around the campsite while they are there on holiday with their parents and are new to the area. The Peaceful Haven caravan site is on the outskirts of Newcastle County Down, overlooked by the beautiful mountains of Mourne. Johnny and Colin are both delighted to meet this beautiful girl and try to win her affections. They stroll along through the meadow when, suddenly, they are caught in a storm. They shelter under a big oak tree, but as the wind increases, the tree uproots itself, and they find themselves falling through a dark hole.

They come face-to-face with King Anthus and the little people. They are angry at strangers entering their village and for interrupting the festivities. The king tells them that he cannot send them back until the two moons become one, so he invites them into his home.

The king’s brother, Luxbrithe, insists on finding their birth deeds as proof, since he believes he is the firstborn, so he demands the king to search the villages where their father had hidden them.

Long ago, when Queen Elliana finds out that her handmaid is also having a baby, she decides to help the handmaid since she isn’t married. Sissy agrees to hand over her baby to the queen and tells the king that she has given birth to twin boys. The doctor and Sissy are both sworn to secrecy, and Sissy is delighted that she can be near her son, but when they turned three, the queen tells Sissy that she has to find different employment since the Queen didn’t want the boys to be dependent on Sissy. The queen’s son is named Anthus, and Sissie’s son is named Luxbrithe. The queen is told that she is dying, and she reveals the truth to the king. In order to protect the crown and Luxbrithe from ever finding out the truth, he hides the deeds in three villages.

After the death of the queen, the king asks Sissy to come back to the house to rear her son as her own, but she feels the guilt of changing his life, so she decides not to tell him, and she moves away.

In the present time, King Anthus goes in search of the deeds, and Annie, who is an expert in karate, offers her help, along with Johnny, a qualified doctor, and Colin, a student at the university. In their search, they fight the Zorries—half-breed of hogs and wild dogs—and the Witches, who are all helping Lizard, Luxbrithe’s son, to try and stop the king’s army from finding the deeds first.

Sissy gets to meet her son when Antana brings Luxbrithe to her home. He knows that she helped rear him when he was small, and he feels a close connection. Only when Antana comes back does she tell him her story, and he is sworn to secrecy. When he hears that Sissy is close to death, he brings Luxbrithe, and he holds her hand as she passes through the world. He has no idea the woman he has feelings for is his own mother.

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May 17
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