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The bestselling author of WomanCode presents a biohacking program for women, teaching them how to use their natural 28-day cycle to optimize their time, diet, fitness, work, and relationships.

Women have a important biological rhythm they experience every month that affects productivity, weight, sex drive, energy, and mood. It is essential to be aware of and take care of this rhythm, but it has been widely ignored by medical, nutrition and fitness research. So as women, we diet, we deprive, and we cram as much as possible into our day, striving to accomplish impossible to-do lists, and scheduling our lives based on a 24-hour time cycle, ignoring the intuitive time our bodies naturally keep: a monthly cycle with four hormonal phases that offer incredible advantages.

In the FLO presents a revolutionary 4-week solution to manage your energy and time according to your female biochemistry. By working with each phase, you’ll support your hormones, unlock peak creativity and performance, and avoid burnout. You’ll know exactly when to eat certain foods, clear your social calendar, or ask for a raise—and you’ll have the tools to do so, including:

·       Meal plans and recipes for each phase

·       Charts for phase-specific exercises, work tasks, and relationship activities

·       A daily planner that helps you align with your strengths in each phase

·       A biohacking toolkit for navigating period problems and hormonal birth control

Alisa Vitti, functional nutrition and women’s hormone expert, bestselling author of WomanCode, and founder of modern hormone healthcare company FLOliving.com, has been teaching women how to reclaim their rhythm for nearly twenty years and has witnessed the incredible rewards it offers—including losing stubborn weight, regaining energy, clearing skin, and minimizing PMS. 

By getting In the FLO, you’ll get more done with less effort, you’ll feel better consistently throughout the month, and you’ll enjoy the freedom that comes with living on your own time.

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January 28

Customer Reviews

caitis12345 ,

Transformed my outlook on everything!

Wow, I wish I had this book 20 years ago!!! I can’t recommend this book enough to any woman in their reproductive years and/or with a daughter. It’s everything they missed telling us about the power of being a woman and how to harness it. This has changed how I schedule, goal set, what I’m putting in my body and how I’m using my body everyday.

usc1947 ,

Same As Last Book- Save your money

Same info as last book. She just wanted way to make more money.

Honestly was disappointed. She used buzzterms like “biohack” to sell the book.

Just more and more rules to how to live your life. Don’t do this or you’ll get bloated. How about be positive, happy and your hormones will fall into place.

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