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Life has not been kind to Timothy Lewis these past few years. With the sudden loss of his first love and a construction business barely staying afloat during the recession, Timothy will be the first to admit that faith isn’t exactly at the top of his priority list. When a direct hit from a hurricane rocks the Outer Banks, Timothy is forced to face not only the demons of his past but also a potential of a future that leaves him terrified.

Hannah Green has a big heart and that tends to get her in trouble far more than she’d like to admit. After her aunt and uncle offer her free room and board for the summer at their fixer upper bed and breakfast on the beach, Hannah finds herself caught in the mother of all storms. The devastation left in the wake of the hurricane rocks her world, leaving her faith and health in the balance.

Draven Young hates coming back home. There are too many bad memories, too little to do and far too many ex-girlfriends who would like to get their hands on him. When his father forces him to do some community service at the local hospital or risk losing his monthly allowance, Draven will discover that although terrible things happen to good people, there is a reason for everything.

June 24
Amy Miles
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Customer Reviews

Trivia❤️ ,


I have read many books Amy has written but this by far touches my heart. The way she has woven the story together, the characters strengths and weaknesses are all so relatable.

Definitely recommend to those looking for a sweet heartfelt romance with God’s healing touches spread through out.

Cschwindt ,

Hits home

This inspirational story hits home for a lot of people. Guilt can destroy a person very fast and loss can be crippling. We see three people in this story who have lost something and their path to overcoming loss. Hannah is a person that more people should strive to be. This story is heartwarming and brought tears to my eyes.

Wolf_Bane ,

In Your Embrace

An inspirational story, that shows how having faith not only in God but also in oneself anything is possible. I love how the characters develop throughout the story by overcoming their tragedy and by helping one another grow. Hannah is the beacon of hope that Timothy and Draven need in their dark times, she's an optimistic person that even when tragedy struck and her life is changed she sees the positive in everything. It shows how things happen for a reason. This story is a loving tragedy that inspires and influences you to never give up. I recommend it for everyone that has gone through tough times and for those who love a strong love story that inspires you to appreciate what you have and who you are. 💜

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