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Five brothers in all but blood, five girls who love them, emerging from a past fraught with darkness and danger. There are wedding bells, and baby cries and laughter all around. They have found their happy ending.

Only one cloud is marring these blue skies, and it has to do with Zane, the rock of the brotherhood. Nobody knows exactly what is wrong, but here's the thing, folks:

There are five of us, and we're brothers in all but blood. We stand all for one and one for all. If you messed with one of us, you've messed with all of us. We protect our own.

And Zane is more than one of our own. He's our leader. He's our steady center. If our center shatters, we all shatter.

This brotherhood is strong. We're gonna find out what troubles him and put it to rest, once and for all, bury it, stomp on it, crush it until it's fixed or gone.

Time we celebrated our happy ending.

November 15
Jo Raven
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Anaxkolasi ,

Recommended after reading the five Inked Brotherhood books.

This is a full length book, but it has several chapters dedicated to each couple from the Inked Brotherhood series. The theme throughout is about something going on with Zane. He has been doing really well since he found Dakota, but he is now backsliding. Will his brothers be able to figure out what the problem is in time? Will Dakota and his friends be able to save him? I loved this book and the way it was broke into a section of several chapters for each couple. A nice epilogue to the series.

AC2BookBlog ,


This book was SOOOO bittersweet! I loved seeing the Brotherhood family later in life, I love that there are so many babies, and weddings happening. BUT we had such a hard topic in this one! Zane was going through something so tough, and I love how hard the family worked to get him out of his dark hole. This poor guy had already gone through so much, and he just couldn't shake this.

Poor Dakota, she had to endear so much while Zane was going through this. She has a new born, she's barely sleeping, and she's hurting for her husband. I can't even imagine what she's going through. Thank God for their friends! This group is so tight knit, it really makes you envious.

I really loved how we got parts of the story from each set of couples. This made it so much more special. Although the focus was on Zane, we go to see more of what was going on in their lives way after they'd had their own books. Made me super glad this was a full length novel. Jo did a beautiful job on this one and really left us without any loose ends!

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