Volume 2 - Effective Coaching Series

Innovation Coaching

All the Tools You Need to Coach Innovators and Entrepreneurs

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Publisher Description

"Innovation Coaching" offers an immersive exploration into the intricate interplay of innovation and mental health while charting the journey of nurturing creativity amidst an ever-changing global landscape. This comprehensive volume combines perspectives from psychology, coaching, entrepreneurship, mental health, and corporate management to integrate a holistic understanding of the innovation ecosystem.

Key Highlights:

The Power of Failure: Embrace the lessons that setbacks bring. Dive into how businesses can rebound from challenges underpinned by the crucial role of mental well-being.

Innovation Fundamentals: Beyond its buzzword status, what truly is innovation? Explore its multi-faceted definitions, the balance between sustaining and disruptive innovation, and best practices that bring ideas to life.

Emotions at the Heart of Innovation: More than just a cerebral exercise, innovation is deeply emotional. Delve into how feelings like guilt, anger, and empathy impact and shape the innovation journey.

Mental Health & Innovation: The book probes the intertwined relationship between mental health and innovation with compassion and depth. Understand both the exhilarating highs and demanding lows of the creative process and arm yourself with strategies to maintain equilibrium.

The Art of Facilitating Innovation: Learn what it takes to create a conducive environment for innovation. From setting up effective teams to the nuances of innovation labs, get insights into fostering a culture of creativity.

The Pitfalls of 'Fake' Innovation: Navigate the murky waters between genuine innovation and mere "innovation theater." Recognize the signs, understand the causes, and steer clear of superficial innovation practices.

Coaching for Innovation: Enter the transformative realm of coaching. Discover how coaching can catalyze groundbreaking innovation from its historical roots to its modern-day practices.

Adapting to Change: In a world in flux, the ability to adapt is paramount. From global phenomena like the COVID-19 pandemic to the tech revolution with artificial intelligence, learn to pivot and harness innovation in times of change.

The Art of Moving On: Change is the only constant. Equip yourself with tools and insights to manage career or life transitions with resilience and grace.

Final Reflections: Join the author on a personal voyage, recounting their innovation journey and providing a compass for the reader's path forward.

"Innovation Coaching" isn't merely a book—it's a compass for those navigating the dynamic seas of innovation and change. Whether you're an entrepreneur, a mental health professional, a coach, a manager, a leader, or simply someone invested in personal growth, this guide offers a treasure trove of insights, strategies, and stories that inspire and instruct. Embrace the odyssey of innovation, and let this book be your guide.

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July 3
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Kevin William Grant

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