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Learning Brazilian Portuguese comes alive with Visual Dictionary Brazilian Portuguese - 2nd Edition (Enhanced Version)!

Explore 60 common scenarios and learn over 1250 practical Brazilian Portuguese vocabulary words with this powerful e-book dictionary. You won't just learn the word, you'll learn the native pronunciation, spelling, and translation, all while forming a strong visual cue in your memory. With Visual Dictionary Brazilian Portuguese - 2nd Edition (Enhanced Version), not only will you learn new words, you'll also learn how to say them with native Audio recordings with every entry! 

With Visual Dictionary Brazilian Portuguese - 2nd Edition (Enhanced Version), you will: 

▪ Learn over 1250 must-know Brazilian Portuguese words

▪ Explore 60 unique everyday scenarios

▪ Master pitch-perfect pronunciation with Audio (Enhanced Version only)

▪ Build strong bonds to new words with visual illustrations 

Perfect for travelers and English language learners, the interactive Visual Dictionary Brazilian Portuguese - 2nd Edition (Enhanced Version) will walk you through 60 everyday scenarios like Supermarkets, homes, classrooms, airports, hospitals, subway stations and more! Each word comes with native audio so that you're learning the pitch-perfect pronunciation. 

You'll have more fun than you ever imagined learning Brazilian Portuguese vocabulary with Visual Dictionary Brazilian Portuguese - 2nd Edition!

June 13
Innovative Language Learning, LLC
Innovative Language Learning USA, LLC

Customer Reviews

easy_guy ,

I wish apps came with a money back guarantee ...

The idea is not bad, but to call that piece of work a dictionary ! is absolutely ridiculous. Here is an example: chapter 24 - Supermarket. I would expect to find some vocabularies as to what I can buy there e.g. vocabularies about food and drinks. In fact, nothing of that kind. 20 (in words twenty) vocabularies ! If you are looking for common vocabularies that describe people, what they do, what they wear, how they look like or whatsoever. Vocabularies NONE. I am learning Brazilian Portuguese and have already spent some money on books and apps. The money for this app was truly down the drain.

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