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One book. Two stories.

A demigod and a half-demon are about to get married. Which means a week of festivities, romance, fun, and the kind of crazy drama wolf shifters are known for. When someone targets the Stavros pack, everyone bands together to fight an unknown enemy and two couples will fight for their chance at happily ever after.

She’s not looking for a mate…

Rhea is a warrior. She’s bled and fought for the Stavros wolf pack for over a hundred years. She never expected to fall for the Alpha of a dragon clan. But when her past comes back to haunt her, she finds herself working side by side with the very man whose been staring in all her fantasies. She never wants to get mated because she’ll never risk getting someone she cares for killed. Not again. So she convinces herself that they have something fun and easy, no strings attached.

But he’s playing for keeps…

Conall, Alpha of the Petronilla clan, has been biding his time claiming his future mate. At fifteen hundred years old he’s patient and cunning. Except when he’s around Rhea, years of civilization are stripped away and all he wants to do is possess her, make her his forever. But something happened in the stubborn woman’s past and she’s determined to keep walls between them. It’s a good thing he’s a dragon. He’ll just burn down every last barrier between them and claim what’s his. But someone from her past is threatening her and her pack—and the life of the woman he’s waited a lifetime to make his own.

* * *

Shifters, vampires and dragons are real…

A year ago Liberty had no idea that things that go bump in the night actually existed. But supernatural beings are real. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg in her new reality. Saved from a Hell realm by a team of half-demons and a demigod, she finds herself falling for her sexy rescuer Rory more and more every day. She’s worried she’s too broken to ever have a relationship again, but the more time they spend together, the harder it is to deny her attraction.

And when they choose a mate, they don’t give up easily.

Half-wolf, half-demon Rory has been looking out for Liberty ever since rescuing her from hell. And since she’s the wedding planner for his half-brother’s wedding, he sees her all the time. Not to mention he just happens to spend every night in her bed. Unfortunately he’s in wolf form when he stays over. He’s not sure what it’s going to take to move from friend to more, but he’s willing to wait forever if that’s what it takes. Because Liberty is worth fighting for, and he’ll do whatever it takes to make the brave survivor his.

Darkness Series, #5

Length: Novel

Author note: Into the Darkness can be read as a stand-alone novel.

April 5
KR Press, LLC
Katie Reus

Customer Reviews

Maxxgirl68 ,

Darkness Series

I have loved this series!

Pdb44 ,

A little boring

It took me over a week to finish this book. I was initially excited to read about the dragons. I think the problem was there were several books before this one. I could not relate to any of the characters. With the exception of Conall. Loved that dragon. He was so funny. I actually thought the book was going to be about him and Rhea, but there were several stories. Very confusing, if you have not been following the series. Unfortunately, I'm not interested enough to read the previous books. Rory is interesting, but his mate is very boring. One minute Liberty is saying she wants to go slow, next she's straddling Rory. One minute she's saying she won't discuss her scent change with anyone but Rory. When he asks, she tells him she doesn't want to discuss that right now. Boring. There were some very good parts in the book, which is why I kept fighting to finish. Not enough interest to read any other books.

2BeagleDogs ,

Two great stories in one!

Katie Reus does not disappoint with the latest in her Darkness series! She offers two parallel stories with Liberty and Rory, introduced in Hunted by Darkness, and finally the story of Rhea and Conall, who's chemistry has been off the charts through the entire series. I enjoyed seeing both women overcome challenges in their background to find love. I definitely recommend you read the series in order first if you can. Katie Reus always tells a good story!

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