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An uptight accountant meets her match with a playboy bartender in the city’s most notorious nightclub. Ally Taylor is a good girl who likes safe, normal, boring guys. Jack Jameson is anything but safe. From his tattoos to his sexy grin, he’s the ultimate male package. Dating him goes against everything she believes in…but he gets her like no one else ever has. She’s strong-willed but not strong enough to resist the attraction between them or the temptation of having him in her bed. Jack’s tired of one-night stands and meaningless hookups. He’s determined to win Ally’s heart until his ex appears with a secret that will blow his world apart. Can he convince Ally to overlook the mistakes of his past and give him a chance?

Step into Felony Bar, the most notorious underground club, where the drinks are cold, secrets abound, and love is always on tap.

2013 Cleveland Rocks Award 2014 International Digital Award Finalist 2014 Carolyn Readers Choice Award Finalist 

FELONY ROMANCE SERIES * Intoxicated (Ally and Jack’s story) * Unexpected (Randy and Karly’s prequel) * Vindicated (Randy and Karly) * Impulsive (Tasha, Luke, and Elijah) * Drift (Elijah and Lauren) * Committed (Jack and Ally)

February 10
Ishkadiddle Publishing, LLC
Jeana E. Mann

Customer Reviews

Jonesboro Girl ,

Great Read....

I loved this book. It’s refreshing to read a novel where the lead didn’t need to be a billionaire to find love.

Sophiawethekings ,

Good but...

Lacked some detail, and I feel like the author forgot certain things they had already addressed earlier in the book as it progressed, and had the main character react oddly to news they already knew. Also felt like the ending was slightly rushed and there was no real closure to Jack’s predicament at the end. And Ally’s super quick change of heart at the very end felt unrealistic because it wasn’t stemmed from any real realization or epiphany. I loved the storyline though, but certain character traits just had me cringe. Especially Jack. He made certain things clear to Ally but moments later would flip out because she’d act accordingly to his requests. I also felt there was confusion with Ally and her status, she came off as a rich snob, and you don’t find out until half the book that she has hardly any money at all. I feel like this could have used a bit of fine tuning, but awesome storyline.

CamerionB ,

Jack is the bad boy dreams are made up.

Read this book for one word/phrase. Sex in legs. Jack is everything you expect a bad boy to be. But little do we know and Ally, our heroine, find out is that he is some much more than his bedroom skills. This story is written with real characters and live wins in the end. Great supporting characters that have their own depth. Can’t wait to read the next on in the series.

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