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Orson Scott Card and Aaron Johnston's taut thriller Invasive Procedures takes readers a few years into the future, and shows the promise and danger of new genetic medicine techniques.

George Galen is a brilliant scientist, a pioneer in gene therapy. But Galen is dangerously insane – he has created a method to alter human DNA, not just to heal diseases, but to "improve" people – make them stronger, make them able to heal more quickly, and make them compliant to his will.

Frank Hartman is also a brilliant virologist, working for the government's ultra-secret bio-hazard agency. He has discovered how to neutralize Galen's DNA-changing virus, making him the one man who stands in the way of Galen's plan to "improve" the entire human race.

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Sci-Fi & Fantasy
November 30
Tom Doherty Associates

Customer Reviews

Ezo Sresyek ,

Decent but sloppy

I have read almost every single book by Card. Big fan! But the sheer volume of typos in this book was extremely distracting. Sometimes even twice in one sentence.

I am imagining that it's just some intern typing away to put this book into digital form that made all the mistakes.

Regardless of that, this story is still worth the read. Not fully fleshed-out like most of his earlier work, but still pretty darn good.


Good book, great vacation read

I bought this book after I forgot the book I had been reading before a long flight, it was the only one that caught my eye. I thought I would not finish it but give me something to do, however I really got into it. The story keeps your attention through out the whole thing with some interesting story line. I later read Empire and it reminds me a lot of those books. If you are looking for a fun read and like scifi this is a good read.

Corpsecorps ,


Felt like Card lending his name and perhaps a few ideas to someone else's book. Couldn't identify much with any of the characters and didn't find any of them very interesting.

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